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Whilst considered by some a remote backwater of a sector, there are Adeptus Administratum clerks who regard the worlds of the Achernar Sector as being perfect. Perfect, that is, in that they pay their tithes on schedule. Of course perfection requires more than timely tax collection, and the truth is that life in many parts of the Achernar sector is far from idyllic - it's just not as bad as some of the famously unpleasant parts of the galaxy.


Sub-Sectors & Galactic location

The Achernar Sector is in the Segmentum Pacificus on the Galaxy's outer arm, trailing and coreward of Hydraphur. It contains a number of sub-sectors, including Cetus, Handroth, Kaprun and Scyria. Depending on the localised iteration of Low Gothic, these may also be referred to as the Cetan, Handrothian, Kapran and Scyrian sub-sectors.


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The Handrothian Cluster contains no inhabitable star systems other than those occupied by the Imperium, and as such has remained relatively peaceful for over two millennia. The agri-worlds of Ankrah and Samalut are its most strategically vital planets, exporting foodstuffs as far as the Cetan and Kapran subs.


The Kapran sub, like the Cetan sub, is considered unremarkable by the Adeptus Terra. Its colonies pay their tithes, and no known heresies or schisms of any great note are recorded in the Inquisition archives, although minor events and some xenos activity is not unheard of. Its colonies include sector capital Kaprun as well as the Iosmiri, Koyrus, Quorilia and Hasmides systems.


The Scyrian Expanse is entirely uncharted but for a colony founded only fifty years ago in the Xephone system. The Xephone colonists were constructing the materiel necessary to launch colonising and charting efforts further into the sector. The first explorator fleet was due to depart in thirty years' time, but recent events in the Xephone system have revealed that the Expanse is not as empty as was previously assumed. A flotilla containing the Intemperance and the rogue trader vessel Zenith have been tasked with charting the region.

Battlefleet Achernar

The Imperial Navy has only a modest fleet garrisoned to the sector as it is considered to be at minimal risk of invasion. Consequently, its main duty is pirate hunting. Admiral Tryphosa has no battleships at her disposal, and an underwhelming number of line ships. Much of the fleet is composed of escort vessels.

Main article: Battlefleet Achernar.

Segmentum Pacificus forces

Below is an inventory of all known special military assets within the wider segmentum. This does not include regular guard or navy forces.

Astartes Chapters

Here follows a list of the honoured astartes chapters present within the galactic region.

  • Black Templars (crusade fleet)
  • Cobalt Sons (announced; have not yet arrived from Holy Terra)
  • Exorcists
  • Guardians of the Covenant
  • Lions Defiant
  • White Consuls

Titan Legions

  • Legio Atarus, based in the Atar-Median system.

The Holy Ordos

The sparseness of the territory means that most Inquisitors in the region are operating in the Kapran sub and report to Lord Inquisitor Anjaal Habermann at Caerostrum in the Hydraphur system. The exception is Inquisitor Kovach, who watches over the Cetus sub-sector. The sparseness of Astartes chapters in the region - exacerbated by the White Consuls' focus on the Cadian Gate - precipitated the formation of a pool of semi-permanent Deathwatch Killteams based at Caerostrum.

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