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Admiral Vitalia Lucia Tryphosa was the supreme commander of all naval forces in the Achernar Sector, and held the position for over thirty years. She was also the only person in the sector holding the rank of admiral, something unheard of in other sectors but entirely unsurprising in a sector with such a small fleet.

Tryphosa was regarded by some as a soft touch, but those who served with her in combat knew her to remain calm under fire. The Tryphosa family are old Kapran money, and whilst no-one knew the admiral's exact age, it was considered safe to assume that while she looked to be in her early 40s, she was considerably older.

The most significant impact of her tenure was her successful lobbying of the sector's lord governors to enlarge Battlefleet Achernar amid concerns that while the increased military strength had not been needed hitherto, the sector would be doomed if subjected to a serious attack. Some claim these reforms were motivated by her family's ties to mining corporations and shipyards around the Kapran sub-sector, although complaints stopped in the wake of the orkoid attack on the Xephone system.


Tryphosa, along with most of Achernar's senior strategic staff and attached auxiliary officers, was slain when the Offices of the Admiralty on the Aureole were bombed during the Word Bearers' incursion into the Kapran sub. While their attack was primarily focussed on the Hasmides system, it is thought that the bombing of the admiralty was intended to slow or confuse the Navy's response to their presence in the region.

Following her death, she was succeeded by Laius Ortano.

Command Skills

Ld9, 3 re-rolls

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