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Amon Carlin was formerly a pit-fighting gladiator and later formally trained as a psyker in the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. He now works for the Inquisition under Inquisitor Kovach.


Early life

Amon Carlin was born and raised in an under-hive on Quorilia, in the Kapran sub-sector. The only child of a single mother, he was used to fending for himself, and his life was largely unremarkable. His height gave him an advantage from an early age, and he was quick to learn how to fight. He had no desire to join a gang, so looked for something that would pay. At age 14, he saw his chance: a local pit-fighting ring were scouting for new talent, and Carlin impressed them with his potential.

They trained him, and he made his professional debut at 17. He was alarmingly good. A prodigy, many said - certainly the youngest winner anyone had ever seen. More and more people started to take notice of him due to his prowess and good looks, and soon he was approached with an offer: the gladiatorial arenas.

Metellus The Brave

When Carlin was 20, he signed a contract to become a gladiator. Old street tattoos were covered up with tribal new ones, and he was given a stage name: Metellus The Brave. He was marketed as a young contender for the title of champion, and proved incredibly popular. Carlin was a natural in front of the cameras, always giving just the right amount of boyish enthusiasm and cut-throat ruthlessness.

He did well against opponents, and after a year he was scheduled in to fight the reigning champion, Brutus The Blade. But three days before the fight was due to take place, Carlin was approached by a mysterious woman. She told him that the real reason he was so good at fighting was that he was an unsanctioned psyker - and that she worked for an organisation who could help him avoid the blackships and get off-world.

Carlin asked for time to think, and went immediately to his coach for advice. His coach, as luck would have it, was an old acquaintance of one Inquisitor Kovach. Knowing that his friend was on Quorilia, the coach reached out to him. Kovach had been working to take down this organisation, and asked for Carlin’s help in doing so. Carlin agreed to go in as part of a sting operation to uncover the group’s methods, and succeeded in assisting the arrest of that particular cell.

His match with Brutus The Blade would never happen. Carlin was sent off to the Scholastica Psykana, and his story made the front page in every paper on the planet.

Scholastica Psykana

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Carlin’s years of training and physical discipline made him a hard-working student, but he found it difficult to adjust to the institution’s rigid rules and restrictions. He was known as volatile, likely to cause fights and do damage to property. His progress in his studies was undeniable, but after two years the Scholastica was only too happy to hand him back to the Inquisition.


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Carlin’s fame on his home world was seen as a liability for the Inquisition, so he was sent to fill a gap in in the team at the Obelisk in Sejanus, when Ashar Lear went to study at Caerostrum.


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