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Located within the Cetus Sub-sector of the Achernar Sector. Were it not for the planet’s incredible mineral wealth, the Imperium would abandon Ariscone - it is infested with a silicon-based termite-like species roughly the size of a grox and utterly inimical to human life. The termite hives dot the landscape and the alkaline rain that sweeps the storm-wracked skies can turn the unwary to soapy bones. Mining and mercenary corporations run Ariscone and try to extract as much wealth as possible before the conditions and wildlife force them off-world. Most of the administration of the world takes place in the Ariscone Orbital, a large space station in geostationary position over the Northern Pole. It is a bustling and borderline-lawless place.

People of note

  • Ordinate Urien Falkenrath, Adeptus Administratum - Administrator of Ariscone Orbital

Inquisitional Exclusion

In the wake of What Lies Beneath a 2,000km square area has been cordoned off by order of the Ordo Xenos and a research base established in what was once exploratory mining post Gamma Kilo Niner. They are investigating 9 underground obelisks made of blackstone. Earlier interference with one of them by a mining team led to an outbreak of plague zombies, which has since been purged.


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