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Vessels displaying the livery of Battlefleet Achernar

The Achernar Sector's battlefleet is a modest affair, with only a few squadrons of cruisers and a single battlecruiser. It is considerably better stocked with escort vessels and a few light cruisers, as befits a fleet whose main duty is pirate hunting. Another full squadron of three cruisers are extremely close to completion at the Kapran Shipyards of the Aureole. Admiral Tryphosa runs the fleet from the Aureole rather than from a ship, since her main task is coordinating patrol groups. Vice Admiral Laius Ortano is the fleet's field commander, responsible for commanding the fleet in most major naval engagements.


Vessels of note

Vessels marked with a * served in the Second Battle of Xephone, and therefore tend to have more experienced crews.


  • The Dammerung is a battleship commanded by Yasir Anwar. It was, until recently, a pirate vessel and has an extremely inexperienced.
    • Ld6



  • The Gambit* is a newly commissioned lunar-class cruiser captained by Medea Vardo.
    • Ld7

  • The Triumph* is a newly commissioned lunar-class cruiser captained by Gereon Priscus.
    • Ld8
    • ALERT: currently crippled following engagement in Handroth

Light Cruisers

Escort Squadrons


Squadron 4

  • Sword-class.
  • Ld8, Adept Trimsmen.
    • The Ardent*: Captain Andro Ivane. Ambitious, goading, glory-hungry and a show-off. Tends to go on and on. And on. And... on.
    • The Virtue of Toil*: Commander Iolana Kalena. Well schooled in theory, but little practical experience. Keen on procedure over instinct. Doesn't take well to metaphors. Has a sister quite high up in the Sector Administratum.
    • The Unsung*: Commander Yakira Bashe. Friendly, inexperienced, and humorous, if a little nervous around the higher ups.

Squadron 17

  • Sword-class.
  • Ld8, Skilled Engineers, Adept Trimsmen.
    • The Rebuke*: Captain Obadaiah Westcliffe. Westcliffe is a seasoned officer, but a tendency to speak too plainly has damaged his prospects. He is of the blood, but tends to assess the merit of things by their utility and sometimes argues against orders he disagrees with. He assumed command of the squadron when Captain Dorschel was given the San Celestine; his first mission as squadron leader was to escort the Intemperance on her mission to the Xephone system. In the final confrontation with the ork fleet, the Reprimand - captained by Westcliffe's old friend Vanja Lowe - was destroyed by an ork vessel suffering a plasma drive overload following a volley by Onduin's fleet. He has since been vocal in his resentment that Onduin gave no warning that they were delivering the final blow, giving Commander Lowe insufficient time to get clear.
    • The Reproach*: Commander Ranulf Yarden. Experienced, practical and un-romantic, Commander Yarden provides a sounding board for the more headstrong Westcliffe. Some describe Yarden as overly rational and something of a bore, but Westcliffe defends him with great affection.

Previous members of Squadron 17:

  • Reprimand/Cmdr.Vanja Lowe, lost with all hands in the Battle of Xephone.
  • Amphion/Cmdr. Zhi Cheung. The Amphion was transferred from Reserve Squadron 40 following the loss of the Reprimand. Cheung was a lieutentant serving as bridge crew on the Vigilant, and still very much 'by the book' with no front line experience when she took the captain's chair of the Amphion. Cheung adapted to get new role with ease, and showed promise. Westcliffe awarded her four citations over the next year. The frigate was lost with all hands during The Battle of Boros' Folly.

Squadron 23

  • Firestorm-class.
  • Ld9, Skilled Engineers.
    • The Sovnya*: Captain Yakov Seidel is a highly competitive cynic, encouraging rivalries between the ships in his squadron as he feels it gets the best out of them at all times. He loves nothing more than quality time with his contemporaries in a sparring chamber or duelling hall. Seidel assumed command of the squadron following Magali Soler's promotion to command of the Intemperance.
    • The Kontos*: Commander Frieda Chang.
    • The Sarisa*: Commander Suraya El-Fadiah.

Squadron 25

  • Firestorm-class.
  • Ld8, Elite Command Crew.
    • The Percheron*: Captain Nalani Makana. Makana's family used their wealth to propel her advancement through the ranks, and she is comparatively young for a squadron commander. She often comes off as cocksure and smug, though to the frustration of her rivals she is also a competent commander who benefits from an expensive education prior to her time at the Naval Academy.
    • The Augeron*: Commander Salomon Bouchard.
    • The Andalusian*: Commander Liselotte Prinsen.


Squadron 31

  • Cobra-class.
  • Ld8, Disciplined Crew.
    • The Audacious*: Captain Esmail Hammond.
    • The Ignis*: Commander Anna Vastag.
    • The Kyrie*: Commander Hajnalka Nyilas.

Squadron 33

  • Cobra-class.
  • Ld8, Adept Trimsmen, Disciplined Crew.
    • The Jubilant*: Captain Anikó Kóbor.
    • The Pilgrim*: Commander Delara Shirazi.
    • The Garro*: Commander Tomek Kowalski.

Command Structure

Most battlefleets are led by a Lord Admiral, although the small size of Battlefleet Achernar means that it is commanded by a lone Admiral: Vitalia Tryphosa. Theoretically she should have two vice admirals serving under her, although since the fleet is almost never deployed en masse, she instead tends to assign post-captains the temporary rank of commodore for the duration of an assignment. In the event of her unexpected demise, Vice Admiral Laius Ortano would assume command of the fleet.

Battlefleet Achernar Ranks

Below are the ranks of Battlefleet Achernar, given in descending order.

Commissioned Ranks

Commissions must either be bought, or awarded by another commissioned officer. As such most officers tend to be of noble origin and hold a dim view of those able souls promoted from the ranks.

  • Admiral: this is the commander of the fleet. Since most of the fleet's duties involve anti-piracy patrols, this is a largely logistical role coordinating flotillas of escorts assigned around lone cruisers.
  • Vice admiral: there is usually at least one vice admiral ready to assume the reins in the event of the admiral's demise or absence.
  • Commodore: this is a temporary rank given to post-captains charged with the command of a flotilla for the duration of an assignment.
  • Post-Captains, or more commonly just 'captains,' command a capital ship or a squadron of escorts. Competition for the captaincy of a line ship is intense, given their comparative rarity in the sector, and officers with political ambitions often seek to sit on a cruiser's command throne before leaving the navy for political life.
  • Commanders serve as the executive officers on capital ships, and as the ship's captain on escorts.
  • Lieutenant Commanders are responsible for particular ship systems on a line ship, such as the weapon systems or the ship's ordnance. On an escort, they serve as the executive officer.
  • Lieutenants are responsible for individual systems such as a battery of macro-cannons, or the ship's defensive turrets.
  • Second Lieutenants relay the orders of their lieutenant to a smaller team, so will have responsibility for an individual macro-cannon or lance turret.
  • Ensigns are usually trainee officers and therefore shadow most officers as a personal assistant, although they may have a specific duty, such as organising work crews or press gangs.
  • Colonels command a capital ship's compliment of marines. Their ranking system is entirely separate from the naval officers, and they cannot legally claim command of a starship's systems.
  • Majors command an escort's compliment of marines.
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