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Dr Benedikt Kantner is a multidisciplinary medical practitioner stationed in the Obelisk and originally hired by Inquisitor Michael.


Early Life

Benedikt (Ben or Benny to his friends) was voidborn on the merchantile ship Cordoba's Grace. His mother - Isabella - was a rating aboard the vessel and never admitted to or cared who his father might have been. Because of duty cycles and the nature of shipboard life Ben was raised mostly by the ship. He would hang around with whoever would put up with him while Isabella worked and absorbed anything they would teach. Most commonly he spent his time in the sick-bay running make-work errands for the medical staff and becoming fascinated by the work of patching people together.

The Navy

By the time Benedikt was reaching adulthood he was simultaneously chafing under the weight of a teenager living on a ship where everyone remembers him wearing nappies and eager to do "something that mattered". Fortunately, the Imperial Navy were in a bind at the time. They had suffered above average losses to crew fighting Enslaver vessels in a local infestation. While they can always pressgang ratings, the loss of trained spacefarers was more critical. Thus, enticing offers were made to merchantile spacefarers offering free commissions to the Navy in exchange for 20 years of service. At 18, Benedikt barely thought twice. Isabella begged him not to go, knowing that the reality of warp travel and navy service would mean she was unlikely to ever see her son again. Like many young men, Benedikt had an intellectual understanding of sidereal time-slip and it's implications but not a visceral understanding. He signed on the dotted line and requested a commission in the medical corps.

The Sword of Mordia

Benedikt's Navy career began as a midshipman aboard the Dauntless class cruiser Sword of Mordia. Apprenticed to the Medical Corps, he was trained first as a corpsman - fetching wounded men, applying first aid and then dragging them to the sick bay - and later earning his caudacas as a full medicae. Benny always remembers his time as a corpsman with a shudder. Following armsmen into enemy vessels, dragging wounded men back from the defensive lines as shots rain around. Always trying to triage with the brutal efficiency of the Navy that sees ratings as utterly replacable components. Elevation to one of those to whom the men are brought rather than one of the bringers was a massive relief. As medicae he served as a halfway house between pharmacist, nurse and junior doctor. Essentially a medical gofer on long hours and hard duties. Nonetheless he excelled in his role and was chosen to be sent to the Pacificus Naval Academy to be formally trained to be a doctor.

Pacificus Naval Academy

Housed in one of the massive Ramilies Starforts, the PNA was bliss for Benedikt Kantner. Now 24 standard years old he was old in his class - most were teenagers earning their bought commissions - and thus a little isolated. But he was surrounded by learning and educated people dedicated to moulding willing minds to Imperial Service and found none more willing than Ben.

Completing his four year Medical Degree, he applied for and recieved permission to remain for another 2 years surgical training and psychiatric residency. Having seen the shocking consequences of naval medical care close up he paid close attention to the practice of amputation and the development of prosthetic appliances. At 30, he could no longer hold back the tide and was going to be reassigned from PNA study to active service once more.

The Ark of Glory

The Ark of Glory was a Mars class Battlecruiser. Those ill-thought-of halfway houses between fleet carrier and battleship. Ben was assigned as crew doctor to the ordnance decks. This mostly meant treating the flight crews and the maintainance workers for the interceptor and bomber wings. Unfortunately, it also meant occasional service in assault boats. When the armsmen were ordered to the assault boats corpsmen would go with them and Benedikt's early service meant he simply could not bear to have men waiting for the battle to end before competant medical care could be brought. Thus he would armour up. Grab a sidearm and take his place at the back of an assault boat with the corpsmen. The other senior medical staff thought him insane but the armsmen loved him for it and would take insane risks to keep "the doc" safe.

In this capacity, Benedikt has fought renegades, orks, pirates and even some migrating kroot. He never asked for reassignment and worked through his remaining 20 - he discovered that the navy did not consider the time spent at the Academy "service" - in this role. Physically tough, somewhat combat experianced and able to take care of himself when a psychiatric patient lost it, he had found his niche and lived in it. Nonetheless, the realities of Naval life were wearing and when at 44 standard the commissars were approaching him for re-enlistment he calmly resigned his commission and requested demobilisation. By this point the fleet was in the Achernar sector (they may have been for years, crew don't tend to know where the ship actually is) and thus he was put ashore with a meagre veterans pension and a medical degree on Kaprun.

Civillian Service

Kaprun initially suited Benedikt. As a busy, but peaceful, world work was not hard to find. Better yet there was lots of orbital stations as - like many voidborn - he suffered from postural hypotension and occasional fainting spells and dizziness in the real gravity of the planet. Drugs helped and he did start to adapt to real gravity but the spacefarer's itchy feet pulled at him and before long he was looking for opportunities aboard starships again.

Benedikt's first vessel was the Rose's Thorn - a merchantile vessel doing the run from Kaprun to Erydimae - as chief medical officer. But after three runs and eighteen months the vessel's abrasive captain Salome Orlosky had had enough of him (naval discipline and adherance to safety regulations were apparently unwelcome) and fired him leaving him on Erydimae. Being fired wasn't a great resume enhancer and thus Ben was stuck tending groundside workers as a locum in ghetto hospitals and similar for a while. The grav sickness wasn't as severe this time and here Dr Kantner's career might have ended - probably stabbed by an obscura addict looking for a fix - had a down-on-his-luck Rogue Trader not taken a chance on him.

Jovian Fiorenze and the Lucky Shot

Jovian Fiorenze had inherited his Rogue Trader Warrent of Trade and vessel from his Uncle. The Lucky Shot is an out of date, unfashionable, unreliable vessel with a decent turn of speed and a nice cargo capacity. With "the nephew" suddenly turning up being in charge the entire crew quit. The Lucky Shot is mostly servitors but it does need a few hundred people to make it actually work. Given that no-one was exactly queuing up for service Fiorenze was happy for anyone competant who wanted to work. Dr Benediky Kantner was exactly that man.

It was the start of a happy - if slightly disorganised - eight years. Jovian was learning on the job and had a tendency to get distracted and excited by the next shiny object leaving the finances somewhat in dissarray. The Lucky Shot was often reduced to essentially tramp steamer cargo runs just to make ends meet. However a few Halo Stars runs led to some serious money coming in and Jovian was looking to cash in and retire to Cetus Major. He never really would manage it, creditors he had forgotten about ate the money whole and left him debt free but still working. However, in the interim, while they thought everything was winding up, Benedikt was looking to move on. He was, if he was honest, bored. He was 55 years standard. Had fought in war and while he didn't like it, the adreneline had left it's mark, endless cases of "shore-leave crotch-rot" was not really what he had trained for.

Comes the Inquisition

In a piece of almost God-Emperor granted co-incidence, Inquisitor Michael was on the lookout for ship crew at the time. Benedikt's resume crossed his desk and he recognised a man with the kind of skills that would make an excellent recruit for his purposes but maybe, just maybe, could be something much, much more. Testimony from Armsmen aboard the Ark of Glory in naval records in particular painted a picture of the kind of man that the Inquisition could make much use of. Michael asked him to serve the Imperium once more, this time as a servant of the Inquisition stationed in it's local fortress. The Obelisk. Dr Kantner enthusiastically agreed.

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