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Inquisitor Eiden Drake
C/O Obelisk
Hive Sejanus
Cetus Major

Dear Inquisitor Drake,

I’m inbound to Cetus Major and Gaius Umberto has forwarded me the Erydimae Incursion casefile. Thankyou for your intervention there, I’m sorry to throw you into a situation with so little information, had I known you’d be facing the Hrud I would have given you more warning. Knowing that does give me some leads on my end though.

If you’re willing, I’d like to split the case; I’ll carry on with the Xenos side of things and try to find out who is trying to get a navigator head and why, and I’ll leave the mysterious throne agent of dubious origin in the expert hands of the Ordo Hereticus. Happy to share notes if/when I get some results.

With that in mind, would you be willing to give me the amulet you recovered? I’d also be interested in taking a look at one of the Hrud Fusils, although that is simply personal curiosity and I don’t think it will have any bearing on the case if you have already disposed of them.

I’ll try to thank the whole team in person, but it’s a flying visit and I’ve lots to do, so I can’t say when I’ll get the chance. I’ll be back on Cetus Major for less than a week, then bouncing out again for a quick trip towards Erydimae, but I should be contactable this time since I’ll be staying within the Cetus sub. Once that’s sorted then I should be based in the Obelisk again for the foreseeable.

Yours sincerely,
Inquisitor Gregory Michael
Ordo Xenos

- - - -

Inquisitor Gregory Michael
C/O Obelisk - to be delivered upon recipient's arrival

Dear Inquisitor Michael,

Hopefully your sojourn beyond the Astronomican was productive; it would be interesting to hear what you witnessed beyond Imperial space.

I'm willing to split the case, though I should be clear: this will be the first time I commence an investigation into one of the Inquisition's own, and therefore I cannot be considered an expert - only someone with the appropriate area of interest. Furthermore, if you would like my assistance, I will be compelled to notify Hydraphur of our intentions and our reasons for pursuing a fellow Inquisitor.

Finally, if the investigation will pull me too far away from the Achernar sector I may have to place it in the backburner; while the Inquisitor's plans are of concern, the nature of any threat posed is unknown, quite unlike the many known threats we currently face in this area. We will have to play things by ear in that regard.

The tech adepts aboard the Trojan are working to glean what information they can regarding the xenos fusils; you are welcome to visit the ship at a moment of your convenience. Once we have learned of any useful weaknesses in the technology, I intend to supervise their destruction.

The amulet is yours if you believe it may be useful, although I must advise caution in its handling; we were advised not to touch it by the agent from whom we took it. When you come to examine the xenos weapons, the tech adepts will transfer the amulet into your care.

With respect,
Eidan Drake, Ordo Hereticus

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