Communication: Michael to Ortanus

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Vice Admiral Laius Ortanus
Battlefleet Achernar

Dear Admiral Ortanus,

It has come to my attention that you have recently encountered the Xenos collective known as the Tau Empire (or sometimes T'au).

I would be grateful if you could forward on to me any records you have pertaining to their presence and disposition of the Tau and their allies, and would appreciate it if you would share with me your own opinion on what sort of threat they might pose to the Achernar sector.

I am currently on Cetus Major and if you are going to be anywhere in the Cetus sub-sector now or in the near future I would be happy to come and meet you in person, but I will be leaving the sector very soon so if that is not possible I will be satisfied with a report and can hope for the opportunity to make your acquaintance sometime in the future, Emperor willing.

Yours in faith,
Inquisitor Gregory Michael
Ordo Xenos

- - - -

Inquisitor Michael
Hive Sejanus
Cetus Major

Dear Inquisitor,

I have indeed had contact with the T'au. They hold a great hatred for the Imperium, lessons they have learnt from past encounters, but fear not. Their ships are slow to maneuver, and their weapons - at least, those we managed to get scans of - were moderate at best. Instead, they rely heavily on trade and diplomacy. Their influence over a given region, then, is one of soft power.

They have many culturally indoctrinated xeno aboard their ships. This included members of the Imperium itself. Those who are unfaithful may easily be led astray by their keen grasp of anti-Imperial rhetoric.

Currently I am exploring the Scyrian expanse, so alas, it will not be possible to meet you in the near future.

I have attached the scans we took of the encountered fleet, and the report I filed with Admiral Trifosa.

I hope these are of use to you.

In faith,
Vice Admiral Laius Ortano

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