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The Eridani Sector lies coreward of the Achernar Sector within the Segmentum Pacificus. It contains a number of sub-sectors. Notable worlds include Thonis, chapter homeworld of the Cobalt Scions. Imperial control of the sector is patchy. The isolated colonies of the Iolan Reaches suffer from frequent enemy raids, while regions such as the Targean Veil and the Neophrae remain largely uncharted.



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Other Regions

Key Military Factions

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Sector History and Culture

Pre and post-Consolidation

For millennia, the sub sectors of Eridani were entirely separate regions. Geographic features such as the Pherean Rift and the sparse population of the Iolan Reaches naturally cut off areas from each other. The worlds of the Saedran sub kept frequent contact with the Graiae and the worlds of Alyria, but had nothing to do with the populous worlds of Massylea. It was only when the Iolan Reaches started to be colonised that trading routes encouraged the Adeptus Terra to consolidate the region into one sector. Despite the consolidation occurring millennia ago, the different regions' cultural identities remain somewhat distinct, and relatively independent.

Battlefleet Eridani

The sector battlefleet is considered to be highly problematic by the Ordo Hereticus, and has been the subject of numerous unsuccessful attempts to reform it so as to bring it into compliance with Imperial standards.

Navy battlefleets should normally be centrally controlled and unambiguously owe allegiance to no entity beyond the Adeptus Terra. Historically, however, the disparate regions of Eridani were responsible for funding the construction of local fleet assets. In an effort to drum up additional resources, many governors allowed noble families to sponsor the construction of vessels, and endeavoured to instill regional pride by allowing sub sectors or even single systems to choose a livery for naval vessels. This system naturally leant itself to endemic cronyism, and over time it became a tacit understanding that fleet assets built from the contributions of particular systems could expect those assets to come to the defence of their systems when attacked.

By the time the Adeptus Terra got around to consolidating the sector, these semi-independent fleets were so deeply entrenched that when attempts were made to centralise command, multiple prosperous worlds threatened to leave the Imperium. With crises all across the Imperium, the problem was allowed to persist and further entrench. At its worst, this has allowed the worlds of Alyria to continue their incessant infighting. At best, it has resulted in wealthy worlds competing for the prestige of funding the most powerful vessels, and some magnificent battleships. The shipyards of both Saedra and Massyleon have both profited significantly from this arrangement, allowing other systems to 'sponsor' (buy) new naval vessels, which may or may not then be 'initially stationed' with a 'fortunate predisposition' towards protecting the world that 'sponsored' them.

The corruption runs deep, but the cataclysmic consequences of seriously challenging the status quo has, thus far, prevented the Inquisition from essentially launching a naval civil war on the sector and fighting against multiple rebellions in what is, otherwise, a steadfastly loyal and productive region.