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The names the Ikarran Necrontyr used for the worlds of the Eridani Sector have been lost in time. Needless to say, both Eridani and Achenar Sector were once part of their dominion.

In an age when dinosaurs still roamed Terra, and humanity's ancestors were but tiny vermin desperately trying to avoid becoming the next meal, the Ikarran dynasty was at its peak. Victors of sorts of the War in Heaven, and vanquishers of the C'Tan, they along with the other dynasties were masters of the Galaxy. Seeing little more to achieve, they realised their lives would no longer have purpose. Withdrawing to their birth worlds, they erected defences as they went so that they could remain undisturbed until another worthy foe had arisen. Little did they know how long they would slumber...

Now awakening, they find their dominion significantly reduced. The network of pylons that had been erected to defend against the corrupting influence of the other realm, and to cripple the vassals of the Old Ones who rely on its power, have collapsed across large numbers of systems. Even more worrying were those pylons that have inverted their function. These are now enhancing the other realms influence on reality leading to rampant manifestation of "psychic phenomena". To cap it all off, some new species seems to have infested almost the entire region - seemingly even more virulent than the Krork, they are yet more vermin to cull but at least will provide a significant source of biological matter to fuel the transferrence-inversion-devices.

The chronicles of the Ikarran's and their eventual reclamation of the stars will be transglyphed in the Dynastic Tales.

Martial interactions with the local infestations and engramatic developments to counter their strategies are indexed in the Ikarran Reclamation, specific transmission intercepts of dealings with the "Corvus Cult" are found within the The Stillness of the Rift.


Noble of Intention

Lord of Decay



A Legion of Warriors

While they may once have been sentient beings, with dreams, aspirations, and a will of their own; the majority of the Necrontyr are now little more than simple automatons. Fooled millions of years ago by the C’Tan and their Lords into a process intended to rid them of the worries of mortality, transference stripped them of their will and autonomy to produce more pliant and amenable units. The ultimate in disposable troops given the ability of their new forms to repair, it is perhaps a blessing that the legion of Necrontyr have little remaining awareness of their situation.


Cursed as Immortal

Naively you could think that it would be a blessing to have more function in any way than the greater legion of the effectively mindless Necrontyr warriors. In reality, it is probable that the majority of the units that form the cruelly named Immortals would happily sacrifice their forms greater capacity in order to rid themselves of their greater awareness of both what they have lost through the process of transference, and how they now function simply as thralls to their Lord's will.

Heralds of Destruction

The aeons of hibernation have not passed without cost. For much of the Necrontyr empire, the chance for revivification has never arrived as the worlds on which their tombs sat fell victim to the vagaries of the universe, or were located by elements of their ancient enemy and tombs destroyed as they slumbered.

For those for which revivification protocols have been enacted there is still no guarantee that they will return to consciousness (of any level) in a form that reflects how they were when they entered hibernation. Engram corruption, physical neural processor damage, and even engramatic infection have all damaged elements of the Necrontyr and manifest not only in neutralisation of units, but also in much more sinister manifestations.

Since waking, these units have subjected themselves to near constant adaptation by Canoptek constructs and become abominations to the "natural" form of the Necrontyr.


The Untamed

Seeking to bring death and destruction to the foes of the Necrontyr from a distance, these Destroyers have sought to mount more and more powerful gauss weaponry to their bodies. To do so they have had to adapt their forms in order to house generators for the excessive power demands of their weaponry, and find ways to manoeuvre on the battlefield while still being able to locate and direct their weapons at their foe. The results are the entire subsumption of the lower half of their bodies within giant hover sled platforms that double up as power generators. Their weapons are Gauss destructors, massive versions of the standard gauss weaponry used by the warrior units, their power is barely contained by the structure of the weapon and the focus channel is massively extended to handle the massive destructive output.


Whorl of Death

Only finding release in direct face-to-face confrontation with a foe, these units have drawn inspiration from trace memories of the long forgotten predators of the Necrontyr homeworld. They are now becoming scuttling, bladed monstrosities more and more like the Canoptek constructs that modify them. In either case, these units only seem to find release when raining destruction upon the foes of the Tomb.


Flesh Harvest

Upon awakening it was discovered that some technological virus had infected portions of the Necrontyr, driving them slowly insane as the aeons passed in hibernation. This insanity has crystallised around a form of belief for these units, and now they attempt to reconstitute their original forms and recover all that they lost with transference by harvesting and draping themselves in organic matter stripped from their victims.

Vassal Constructs

Crypt Thralls

The lot of the Cryptothralls Dynastic Tales

Canoptek Reanimation

Ambulant Doom

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