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Iphara is a human populated planet in the Handrothian Cluster of the Achernar Sector. It recently joined the Imperium following the events of Quoth the Raven.



Rimward end of the Handrothian Cluster, almost beyond the astronomican.




Relatively arid, overall slightly colder than Terran standard. Five small seas charitably referred to as oceans. Frozen polar deserts, plant life tends to be more abundant near coasts.

Flora & Fauna

Other than shrubs and cacti-like plants on the land, along with warm-blooded lizard-like things, life is relatively scarce on land. The seas, however, are quite different. All manner of sea life forms a major part of the Ipharan diet, from fish-like creatures to qulu (spiny things that burrow into large prey; eaten as a delicacy).


Mining based. Abundant mineral and ore deposits; has been exporting via Rogue Traders to the Imperium for centuries. The comparatively recent discovery of adamantium deposits has resulted in greatly increased trade with the Imperium and various diplomatic missions to encourage joining up, since the Achernar sector’s lacking in the military might to just take it by force without unacceptable losses. Can defend itself, with a significant fleet of system ships, including orbital facilities and surface-based missile silos.

Abhuman mineworkers: the Iphukine

The Iphukine (Ee-foo-kyne) are mining-adapted abhumans created during the Dark Age of Technology; have been on Iphara for all recorded history. Night vision, pale skin, heavy musculature, docile, used for manual labour.

  • Religion based around a rock God. Movement in the earth seen as messages from that god. Cave ins seen as a refusal to listen to god.
  • Water is the enemy
  • Physiology
    • Large, slightly stooped, pale, muscled, huge bush baby eyes
    • Don’t require a lot of water, don’t sweat
    • See well in the dark
    • Don’t do well in sunlight, burn easily, light hurts their eyes, can go blind if exposed for too long.
    • Moves extremely slowly in the day. Faster at night.
    • Low metabolic rate, slow breathing and super efficient kidneys means they can survive for days without water.
    • They take a lot of water from their food.
    • Water needs to be replenished after roughly a week’s work (???)
    • Long pregnancies, but shorter juvenile period.
    • Violet/pink blood. Hemerythrin as an oxygen binding agent within the blood causes the colour and allows for O2 binding in low oxygen levels.
  • No fixed location for habitats. Homes are flat pack, strapped up and moved as labour moves to new locations.
  • Moved in enormous, lightless ground trains between mines as labour needs change.
  • Whole families can be moved at a time and never seen again. Not considered unusual.
  • Child-like minds, trusting, non-aggressive, docile.
  • Diet consists of:
    • Nuts from squat, spiny leaved trees that grow in the arid plains.
    • Cactus like succulents that contain lots of water.
    • Rodents native to the planet, when they can be caught.
    • Diet is often supplemented by nutripaste from ruling class.
    • Big Sagebrush.
  • No set mating season

Technology level

Technology a little behind the current Imperium standard due to extended period of isolation. Technological level of settlements quickly reduces as you move out from the primary cities which are approx equivalent to Imperial levels, at the furthest extremes the technological level is barely above medieval. This correlates very strongly with the proportion of abhumans amongst the population, a part of the abhuman conditioning is suppression of inquisitive nature and learning.

Capital city: Imvelo

Like most equatorial cities on Iphara, Imvelo is relatively low-rise, with most of its flat roofs occupied by solar panels.


Minimalist, low-lying structures with an overlaid grid containing a tiled combination of tough plants and solar panels.


Heavy linens and well-insulated fabrics worn as loose, high-necked robes that appear a little like thawb/kandoora, but with loose, separate legs and, if you’re very rich, imported fur mantles. Another common way of denoting status is having elaborately embroidered overcoats with fur collars.


Primarily void-based; a fleet of system ships used to fend off alien raids, including orks. Their role is to ensure no enemy ever gets to set foot on their planet; thus very capable void troopers used to tough boarding actions. Lord-General Aubron Zedlayo is the overall head of the fleet and its marines. Only nobles of the blood can join the officers’ academy. If something did get through the fleet and its void troopers, however, there is little in the way of ground defenses.


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