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Interactive map of the Achernar Sector.
Interactive map of the Eridani Sector.

What is this wiki for?

This is a community wiki produced and maintained by and for the Beard Bunker bloggers as a setting for various games in the Warhammer 40,000 mythos. If you have stumbled upon it from farther afield, know that you are most welcome! We hope it might provide you with some ideas or inspiration for your own games.

The Achernar Sector as a whole is used as a backdrop for 40K, Battlefleet Gothic, Deathwatch and Inquisitor. Any new locations, factions and characters created for a game/campaign we play end up here, so the wiki grows over time. As such, the level of detail varies hugely.

The Cetus sub-sector in particular is designed as a setting for roleplay centered around the Inquisition; see the timeline and list of characters below. Indeed this is what gives the wiki its name, as the Obelisk is the Inquisition fortress on Cetus Major where most of our Inquisitors are based.

The Eridani Sector is an area suitable for more extensive conflict, i.e. 40K Crusade. Some of the sub-sectors and regions are deliberately vague so that they can be explored in future campaigns, while others are significantly more detailed and have already been fought over a great many times.



Timeline of events in the Achernar and Eridani sectors. Primarily focused on the inquisitors and agents of the Obelisk; it also contains other relevant political and military events in the sectors.

See also Category: Missions and Category: Conflicts

Key Inquisition Characters

See also Category: Characters

Key Military Factions

See also Category: Crusade Forces

Sectors, Sub-sectors & Systems

See also Category: Sectors, Category: Sub-sectors and Category: Systems


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