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Interactive map of the Eridani Sector.

The Massylean sub-sector has the largest number of inhabited star systems in the Eridani Sector, although ironically it has a comparable number of inhabited worlds as Saedra and Alyria, since it doesn't have the same proliferation of multi-star systems. Most of these systems contain civilised worlds, although there are a number of mining and agri-worlds. The capital system is Massyleon, the only hive world in the sector. Some have described Massyleon as being like a great maw swallowing every export the rest of the sub-sector can provide, but Hive Massinissos' manufactorums in particular are famed for the quality of their output, and are renowned for their distinctive embellishments.

Systems include:

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FOURTH WALL BREACH DETECTED: Note that details of the Massylean sub-sector have been left deliberately vague so as to permit maximal flexibility for future narrative campaigns.

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