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Interactive map of the Achernar Sector.

The Needle is the only practicable, stable warp route through the Vascoda Confluence. It is used by sprint traders with time-sensitive goods to ship, and requires a navigator of considerable talent. Halfway through the jump, ships have to translate into realspace at Boros' Folly and cross the system to reach the Mandeville Point on the other side. Unfortunately, this fact is well known to the pirates who lurk in the system's asteroid rings waiting for ships trying to 'thread the Needle'. Sweeps by Battlefleet Achernar have never managed to stamp out the problem entirely, and only the fastest or most desperate ships attempt it for the promise of a shorter voyage and higher profit margins. Requests for a greater navy presence have been declined, since the admiralty is unwilling to repeatedly risk navy vessels in the hazardous journey needed to get there.

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