Scyrian Expanse

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The Scyrian Expanse is a largely unexplored area of the Achernar Sector. Xephone serves as the sub-sector capital for the Adeptus Terra.

Star chart of the Expanse

Star systems

There are 105 stars within the sub-sector, although it is expected that only a handful will have worlds of any strategic value.

System scanner:

Charted systems

Initial Exploration

Commodore Laius Ortano has been tasked with charting the Expanse following the greenskin invasion of Xephone. While the San Celestine remained in the Xephone system to watch for more greenskin activity, the rogue trader Zenith was invited by Admiral Tryphosa to join Commodore Ortano's expedition so that trade links and negotiating expertise could compliment the navy's military might.

DAY 5 Days since leaving the Xephone system: 7 Days since supply replenishment: 7

Mineral extraction begun on SCY-087 B5i; will take 2 days Head to B4iv. Received communications from Captain Humbolt of the Anshan Republic and Captain Orvan of the Commonwealth both requesting immediate military assistance to deal with the other. Ortano and Betancourt-Xing negotiated ceasefire by offering to act as neutral host to 105 unsanctioned pskers that the Republic intended to execute and the Commonwealth wanted to train. Commonwealth agreed to bring psipression collars to assist in pysker containment. A commonwealth psyker by the name of Prabhat swept the Zenith and assured Hassiq that the ship was 'clean'.

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