Sister Airi

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Rank Sister
Role Close Quarters Combat
Sex Female
Height 5'2"
Hair White
Skin Freckled
Build Toned and athletic, physically fit
Other Heterochromia (one eye pale blue, the other green)
Large, intricate, holy tattoo on her back
Typical Equipment
Ranged bolter/Bolt Pistol
Melee Power Sword
Armour Power Armour

Sister Airi is a member of the Order of the Cyan Storm of the Adepta Sororitas. After the destruction of her Order she has, for now, joined the Inquisition at the Obelisk.




Anna Petts was the third child of Kane and Nara Petts, loyal imperial workers on the dubious mining planet of Ariscone. Anna was a bold, headstrong child who spent her days ignoring her teachers, playing with her four siblings and dreaming of slaying the giant man-eating termites that infested the world.

Termite Attack

One spring, during particularly aggressive wave of termites, a petition was sent to The Order of the Cyan Storm for aid. A Mission of Battle Sisters were dispatched from the nearby planet of Diaphone.

Anna was at school when the towns defenses failed and the termites began to swarm in. A Battle Sister appeared and began helping the terrified teacher usher children towards the school’s reinforced steel shelter. Before the sister could seal the door, a giant termite burst through the outside floor, entered the doorway, and attacked the sister. Despite sustaining injuries, the sister managed to wrench free and face the beast, keeping herself between it and the children. Seeing the injured Sister, Anna broke away from the huddled class. She ran forwards, past the sister and through the legs of the giant termite, hitting the control panel next to the door. The massive steel barrier dropped from the ceiling, cleaving the termite in two. Both the class and sister were freed the next day, once the siege was broken.

The sister, impressed with Anna, appealed to the order’s Canoness to send the child to the prestigious Schola Progenium, on the grounds that she would make an excellent servant of The Emperor. The Canoness agreed to sponsor her.

Schola Progenium

Anna loved her education, proving to be a particularly adept swordswoman. She grew into a competitive, lively and determined individual. Many thought her completely fearless, and she prided herself on it. Her teachers would also remark that Cadet Petts could be stubborn, reckless and far more prone to rule breaking than your average schola graduate.

Upon graduation, Anna was specifically requested as a recruit by The Order of the Cyan Storm, an event she celebrated by getting the biggest tattoo she possibly could. When she arrived on Diaphone, she was taken to meet Canoness Valeri- the sister she assisted all those years ago. At her naming ceremony that evening she gave up her name and became Sister Airi.

The Order of the Cyan Storm

Sister Airi immediately fell in love with the Order, their rituals and their creed. Life on Diaphone suited her well and she relished every mission as an opportunity to display her prowess. Airi enjoyed several happy years with the Order, before problems began to arise. During her time at the Thadal Cathedral, Airi developed a relationship with another Sister; Sister Elena. Such a thing would compromise the individuals’ judgement in battle, encourage bias and altogether interfere with their primary duties as Sororitas and was prohibited between members of the order.

One of the two could have renounced their position as a Sister, becoming the full time spouse of the other. However, neither wanted that and the act would have been treated with great shame by the rest of the order. Instead they chose to pursue their relationship in secret, though Elena did try to call it off more than once.

Eventually the tryst was discovered and Canoness Valeri informed. The Canoness reprimanded them, expressing her righteous displeasure and disappointment. The two were given a chance to redeem themselves, under instruction to abandon the folly. Their relationship restarted just a few weeks after the meeting.

A month or so later a squad of Sisters, including Sister Airi, were sent on an off world mission. It was during this time that the Thadal Cathedral was attacked.

The Aftermath

After the events of The Jormunga Cult Sister Airi was responsible for the identification of the three remaining survivors, as well as over seeing the sinking of her fallen sisters. Elena was amongst the latter.

Later aboard the Trojan, Airi attempted to console the broken minds of her remaining sisters and Canonness. Her efforts only appeared to worsen their states and she was advised to keep her distance, for the time being. It was then that Inquisitor Drake offered her employment within the Inquisition.

Life in the Inquisition

Airi has attended several missions since joining the Inquisition. Initially Airi was quiet, withdrawn and isolated. She took meals alone, spending her days training and studying the creed. At night she dreamt of bloody water, hooks and carrion birds. A social excursion with a few fellow agents has begun to break this cycle. Whilst she is still wracked with grief, guilt and the weight of being the last of her order, she has begun to warm to her fellow, trauma ridden agents. Perhaps there is hope, despite the nightmares.



  • Inquisitor Drake- Superior, rescuer and purveyor of post trauma kindness.
  • Ashar Lear- Fellow agent and old flame.
  • Acid- Fellow agent, drinking companion and excellent human.
  • Adrian Foss- Fellow agent and rescuer.
  • Max Drent- Fellow agent and vomit inducing pilot.
  • Nadiya Zelenko-Fellow agent, drinking companion and kindly snob.
  • Hannat Rekord-Fellow agent and drinking companion.
  • Praetus Jaxx- Fellow agent, two shades short of a heretic.
  • Amon Carlin- Fellow agent, rescuer and pancake provider.
  • Rosa Richter- Fellow agent and drinking companion. Actively under investigation.
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