The Order of the Purple Shroud

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There is an Adepta Sororitas convent attached to Saint Vesperia's Basilica on Cetus Major, for she is the patron saint of their order. They wear silver armour with purple robes, and are known as a relatively traditional order; the only sensory pleasure in which they indulge is that of religious paintings, many of which adorn their vehicles. Painstakingly reworking these vehicular murals after combat is seen as a form of worship. They are also known the Order of the Martyr's Shroud.

There is another branch of the order based in Minoris on Cetus Minor

Notable figures within the Order in Cetus Major

  • Canoness Solène
  • Sister Superior Adekauda - leader of a squad that includes sisters Mielana, Jacqueline, and Evelia. This squad, along with their former sisters Nela and Imelda, accompanied Ashar Lear's team into the Sejanus underhive following the disappearance and possession of the convent's astropath Aina Gulnara. Sisters Astride and Anselma were also involved in the investigation, although they are not part of Adekauda's squad.

Notable figures within the Order in Cetus Minor

  • Canoness Assenta
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