The Pillars

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The Pillars (as it is most commonly known) is the very lowest level of the basements of Hive Sejanus. It is known as the pillars as it is where the vast geotechnical piles that support the hive join the basement slab and bedrock. It is partitioned into large areas by secant piles and is spread over several levels, with the sections in the West being the lowest. The largest geotechnical piles are up to 100 metres in diameter with a hollow core and wall thicknesses of 40 metres. There is a rumour that some of the piles have staircases that lead down below the basement slab. To what, no-one knows.

The piles number in the hundreds and are arranged in an interleaved hexagonal pattern. Although there is plenty of space in the Pillars, sight lines are restricted and (with little distinct visual reference) navigation is difficult. The Pillars is largely deserted: there is no industry, no work, very little salvage and with limited services in the area there is no reason for anyone to be there. Several sections are flooded, irradiated or have low oxygen levels and most of the area is sparsely or poorly lit. Access to the Pillars is restricted, although far from impossible for those with the will to get in. The only regular visitors are the Magistratum who occasionally patrol the area and piling and cementation contractors who carry out survey and concrete repair work..

The Pillars is cold, barren and dead silent - virtually no sound from the hive percolates below the thick, high, ceiling slab and the only noise is the occasional creaking of the piles under their immense load and the intermittent humming of dewatering plant. This silence contributes to the area’s bad reputation. Rumours of strange phenomenon, disappearances and weird creatures abound. Whole gangs have gone into the Pillars and never returned: No-ones sure if they were slaughtered by unnamed horrors or if they wandered lost for days through anonymous concrete columns before passing out from hunger and dehydration and no-one is concerned enough to find out.

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