Amelia von Lessing

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Amelia von Lessing
Amelia von Lessing is a member of the Amethyst College of Altdorf, and has been in Hochland since 2521. She was sent to Hochland by the college to track down and kill the de Crecy brothers, and came close to killing Philippe when they encountered each other at Wahnsinningen.

Despite her awkward and standoffish nature, Amelia is popular among the common soldiery for her willingness to endanger herself on their behalf, although she remains unpopular with both Count Ludenhof and General von Hess due to her criminal past, which gives her little or no influence over Hochland's political and strategic affairs.

Early life

Amelia was raised by her adoptive father on the Lessing estate outside Salzenmund, Nordland. Hermann von Lessing was a high-ranking officer in Nordland's army, and a respected one at that, although he'd never found himself a wife. Amelia's childhood was strict, and he instilled in her Nordland's traditional hatred of the Norse with repeated lectures concerning their many evils. "They see fit to take from us what they will," he often said, "but there's only one thing I'll take from them."

Life in the von Lessing household featured a great many rules, and Amelia always obeyed them. Thus, her father loved her. He was greatly saddened at the emergence of her talent for magic, but did as the law commanded, and allowed her to be taken to Altdorf for instruction.