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The Grand Barony of Hochland is a sparsely populated province. Much of its landmass is covered with dense forests, and its three cities are small by Imperial standards. In the years since the Storm of Chaos, its eastern half lies in ruins, whilst the survivors in the west face frequent food shortages, not least of which because Hochland's military has been running on empty for the last three years.

Hochland was founded by the ancient Cherusens before the dawn of the Empire. As the Empire grew, and trade between the states increased, Hochland's subsistence farming economy grew to incorporate timber exports. This provided some revenue, although the Empire is hardly famous for its tree shortage, and Hochland has remained a poor province, protected on all sides by bigger, richer states: Ostland is to the north and north-east, Middenland is to the west, whilst Talabecland lies to the south. Hochland's main trade link with the rest of the Empire is the River Talabec, which runs along its southern border, although another important route is the Old North Road, which runs all the way from Marienburg to Ferlangen through Middenland and across the foothills of the Middle Mountains.

There have been few serious external threats to Hochland, but the deep woods are infested with bandits, goblins, mutants and beastmen. Consequently, large sections of Hochland's territory remain uncharted to this day, and the roads must be constantly patrolled to ensure the safety of travellers. Because of this, most crossroads feature a watchtower, and cross motifs are particularly prevalent in Hochland, with associations of safety, stoicism, and duty.

Worship of Taal is particularly prevalent; other popular dieties include be Rhya, Ulric and Sigmar.

Public figures

The current Elector of Hochland is Count Aldebrand Ludenhof. He is regarded as eccentric but capable, with a dry countenance and an obsession with falconry. Following the sack of Hergig, he has relocated the capital to Tussenhof, a move which has pleased the Tussen family greatly but alienated the Larger city of Bergsburg.