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Map of Hochland taken from Winds of Chaos with additional annotation by the Beard Bunker crew.

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The current state of affairs: 17th Jahrdrung, 2526 I.C.

Hergig, once Hochland's capital and now lair of Clan Voltik, has been besieged by the Hochland state army and the Stormbournes, partly to safeguard construction of the Boria-Krantz canal, an ambitious project to circumvent the skaven threat to ships going up the Wolf's Run to Karak Hoch. Elsewhere, all is comparatively peaceful despite the campaign season having started. The de Crecys seem content to remain in Hovelhof and the Brass Keep, while Volgin is still rebuilding Castle Lenkster. Crops are being sewn, and the people of western Hochland are nervously going about their daily lives. Rebuilding efforts are back underway, and Hochland's military continues to recover.

The Chronicle

A timeline of events leading up to the current state of affairs.


Persons of renown

Places of interest




  • Ahresdorf
  • Barwedel
  • Bergendorf
  • Breder
  • Dunstigfurt
  • Eichewaldchen
  • Esk
  • Estorf
  • Flaschfurt
  • Garssen
  • Gerzen
  • Gerzen
  • Gruyden
  • Heedenhorf
  • Holzbeck
  • Hovelhof
  • Koerin
  • Krudenwald
  • Langweise
  • Luthorst
  • Muden
  • Selmigerholz
  • Stöckse
  • Vodf
  • Wahnsinningen

Category: Towns


  • Fort Denkh
  • Fort Schippel


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