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Map of Hochland taken from Winds of Chaos with additional annotation by the Beard Bunker crew.

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The current state of affairs: 15th Ulriczeit, 2525 I.C.

The midwinter snows have enforced a period of relative calm. Whilst most of western Hochland has recovered, eastern Hochland still lies in ruins, and trade up the River Talabec is still impossible due to the Skaven occupation of Hergig.

The de Crecy brothers and the rest of their master's coven have taken control of the Brass Keep in the Middle Mountains and are now consolidating their grip on the area, having already made their first attempt at taking the town of Esk.

Volgin and Splendiferus, the leaders of the two major Chaos warbands in the area, have been momentarily defeated and are licking their wounds. Volgin has claimed the ruins of Castle Lenkster in Ostland, and Splendiferus' whereabouts are currently unknown.

The Chronicle

A timeline of events leading up to the current state of affairs.


Persons of renown




  • Ahresdorf
  • Barwedel
  • Bergendorf
  • Breder
  • Dunstigfurt
  • Eichewaldchen
  • Esk
  • Estorf
  • Flaschfurt
  • Garssen
  • Gerzen
  • Gerzen
  • Gruyden
  • Heedenhorf
  • Holzbeck
  • Hovelhof
  • Koerin
  • Krudenwald
  • Langweise
  • Luthorst
  • Muden
  • Selmigerholz
  • Stöckse
  • Vodf
  • Wahnsinningen

Category: Towns


  • Fort Denkh
  • Fort Schippel

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