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The icons on the map above show which settlements are currently occupied.

2521 I.C.

The brothers awaken

Some unforeseen complications lead to the awakening of two long-slumbering vampires: Etienne and Philippe de Crecy. Weak from their slumber, the brothers must feed. Tales of grisly mass murder scenes crop up in central Hochland, with half the victims being torn apart, and the others simply drained of blood. Vampire hunters come from across the land, but are entirely unsuccessful in finding the brothers.

A wizard's duty

Amelia von Lessing is sent by the Amethyst College in Altdorf to assist with the hunt. The Amethyst College provide no explanation for their determination to deal with these two specific vampires, a point of particular confusion given that the Light Order would normally handle such creatures. Amelia tracks the vampires for several months, almost catching up with them on several occasions, but the de Crecys continue to elude her, wanting to build up their strength before confronting a wizard.

Trouble stirs in the north

Rumours of a massive Norse invasion force reach the Empire. Kislev is preparing for war, and Emperor Karl Franz petitions Ulthuan and Karak Eight Peaks for aid.

A few months later, word arrives that much of Kislev is overrun, and Praag has been sacked. Ostland braces itself, as do forces on the coast of Nordland. An army of cultists led by the Grand Theogonist of Sigmar head north to engage the foe's vangard. The first anyone hears of the army's fate is when Be'Lakor, one of Archaon's allies, crosses the border into Ostland with Volkmar chained to his banner.

Amelia abandons her search for the vampires as she goes to assist the armies preparing for all-out war.

2522 I.C.

The Norse Invasion

With Ostland in ruins, Archaon's forces ravage eastern and northern Hochland on their way to Middenheim. Aldebrand Ludenhof, Elector of Hochland, is forced to evacuate his own capital and relocate to the city of Tussenhof.

2523 I.C.

Imperial victory at Middenheim

Archaon's forces are scattered by Emperor Karl Franz' great victory at Middenheim. Disparate bands of Chaos warriors still roam Middenland, Hochland and Nordland, but the Empire as a whole is no longer in danger.

Hochland begins rebuilding

Hochland's families count their dead, and take stock of the situation. Scouts report beastman activity in the ruins of Hergig, an unusual state of affairs given the usual disdain beastmen show for areas full of man-made structures. Meanwhile, Amelia von Lessing resumes her search for the brothers de Crecy.

The Stormbournes arrive

A clan of dwarves from Barak Varr arrive at Tussenhof having sailed up the Talabec, explaining that they have come to reclaim the ancient dwarven ruins of Karak Hoch. Desperate for local allies with a vested interest in secure trade routes, Count Ludenhof makes no objection to their claiming a small section of land outside the entrance to the Karak itself.

The dead knight and the wizard

Having learned that Philippe de Crecy is planning to attack the town of Wahnsinningen, Amelia rides north with a small band of knights to confront the vampire. When she arrives, the attack has already begun. She gallops right up to the watchtower, leaps from her horse, and casts the Fate of Bjuna, almost slaying him outright. Even as de Crecy's sides rupture with forced mirth brought on by the spell, he commands his spectral knights to press on with the attack. Galloping through the walls, the knights chase off the town's garrison, who are forced to retreat to the city of Bergsburg. Philippe manages to crawl back to his castle at Hovelhof to plot his revenge.

2524 I.C.

Goblins on the Old Forest Road

Rhagat Neckchopper, leader of the Bittermoons, claims dominion over a large area of the Drakwald Forest stretching from the River Drakwasser to the River Flaschgang, effectively cutting off trade from the new capital of Tussenhof and the famine-stricken city of Bergsburg in the north. Repeated attempts to drive the goblins out are unsuccessful due in part to a gargantuan creature worshipped by the Bittermoons as the 'God-Spider'.

Slaughter on the banks of the Talabec

A Stormbourne paddle steamer is sunk by a battery of warp lightning cannons mounted on the ruined city walls of Hergig. The ship limps to the western bank, and the dwarves disembark. They are immediately set upon by skaven, and realise that their ancestral foe is behind the strange lights seen in the old human city. Those dwarves that survive the battle haul their wounded over the Weiss Hills to Fort Schippel, where they are provided shelter and supplies. The dwarves insist that Hergig must be assaulted at once, but Erhard von Rudiger insists that the vampires currently pose the greater threat and must be dealt with first. Frustrated, the dwarves make their way back to the Karak.

2525 I.C.

Philippe de Crecy takes his revenge

Having recovered from his mauling at the hands of Amelia and hungry for revenge, Philippe hunts her down on the field of battle and engages her in a magical duel. Obsessed by his thirst for revenge, he loses focus on the battle around him. Amelia collapses under his mental onslaught, falling into a coma, but as Philippe stalks forward to finish the job, he realises that his army is crumbling under the sustained efforts of Hochland's state troops. Furious, he is forced to quit the field. Amelia is taken back to Bergsburg, but the city's finest physicians are unable to rouse her. She spends several months in this state until a jade wizard is found with, ironically enough, the help of the dwarves - specifically, Dwalin Gravenrune. It is the start of a long-lasting partnership between the wizard and the runesmith.

Splendiferus the Magnificent and the Quest for the Golden Bathtub

Ever a man of luxury, Splendiferus decides the time has come for him to get on the property ladder. Aggressively. He bolsters his warband with local beastman tribes, and uses his new-found strength to capture the town of Bergendorf purely so that he can live in the town's biggest mansion and luxuriate in its golden bathtub. Those who fail to understand Splendiferus' motivations assume he has taken Bergendorf due to its strategically vital position on a major trade route running through central Hochland.

Resettlements and evacuations

Some of the major towns sacked by Archaon begin rebuilding, with more success in western Hochland, where the river trade links are still intact. In the east, however, Skaven slave raids and attacks by growing numbers of beastmen check all attempts to rebuild. By late Sommerzeit the eastern half of the state has been effectively abandoned.

Von Rüdiger's secret revealed

Rumours leaked by two of the officers in Hochland's army leads both the Stormbournes and the High Elves to investigate Grand Master Erhard von Rüdiger, Hochland's supreme commander. It is discovered that he is a vampire, feeding off the Silver Drakes' inner circle. The dwarves keep the information a secret, hoping to use it as leverage at a later point, but the elves - discovering the same information later - reveal it to Count Ludenhof immediately. Von Rüdiger flees, and the remaining knights of the Silver Drake are placed under house arrest. No man-hunt is launched, as von Rüdiger has not technically broken any laws (he was not practising necromancy, nor had he attacked or assaulted anyone unlawfully). Count Ludenhof assumes temporary command of the army, and after a month, selects von Rüdiger's successor: General Rikarht von Hess.

The rise of Volgin

One of the various Norse chieftains roaming the state, Volgin, begins a meteoric rise in power, backed by a powerful mage known only as the 'Shadow Keeper'. After fortifying the ruins of Gerzen, he moves from raiding patrols and villages to assaulting towns and expanding his territory. Such success attracts other warbands to his banner, and soon Volgin finds himself leading a fully-fledged army. He soon sets his sights on taking Fort Schippel for himself, and begins preparations for a siege.

Splendiferus departs

Ultimately it was not the repeated attempts by elves and men to remove Splendiferus the 'Magnificent' from his luxurious (and stolen) manor in Bergendorf, but his own army. The beastmen he manipulated into following him grew restless after a few months, and when every cask of ale and mead ran dry, they ruined what was left of the town. With no desire to reside on a dunghill, Splendiferus was effectively coerced by his own army into leaving Bergendorf.

Once it became clear that Splendiferus' forces had departed, the remains of the once-beautiful town were burned down by the state authorities, and the ashen ground thoroughly salted then reconsecrated by priestesses of Shallya. It was said that the sheer amount of dung left by the beastmen took three days to burn.

Amelia von Lessing is abducted by Clan Voltik

Hergig is plagued by a voracious winged creature that preys on the slaves and clanrats infesting Hergig. Lord Voltik ignores it for months, but when he begins to run out of test subjects and practise targets for his experiments, he becomes furious, and - suspecting the beast is some sort of daemon - decides to capture a human wizard to help him fix the problem.

Amelia is abducted and taken to Hergig, where she is subjected to weeks of psychological torture without even knowing what it is the rats want with her. When at last Voltik appears to demand her assistance, she gives it readily, her defiance utterly quashed.

After lengthy research and a face-to-face confrontation with the monster, Amelia informs Voltik that the beast seems to be some sort of avatar of hunger, and may be the mutated remnants of Aelfric I, King of the ancient Cherusens. The beast had lurked in the Middle Mountains for centuries, until found and cast out by the Stormbournes. Amelia tells Voltik that his two options are either to kill it (something the dwarves didn't even attempt) or to placate it by offering it tribute and addressing it as 'The King.'

Voltik immediately decides to feed it a slow but steady trickle of slaves.

Having no further use for Amelia, Voltik sells her to another Skaven clan, specifically, the warlock engineer Norisk. During her transfer from Hergig to Norisk's lair beneath the Weiss Hills, Amelia is rescued by a party consisting of Febe Hasenkamp, Elsa Gerhart, Ruprecht Grundwald, Cedric Sneakfoot, and Stromni's Wanderers. Emaciated and traumatised, Amelia is taken back to Karach Hoch so that she can recover in safety.

The Siege of Fort Schippel, 15th Brauzeit - 28th Kaldezeit

After months of buildup, Volgin moves to capture Fort Schippel with the help of Drazhar's dwarves. An allied force of Hochlanders, Middenlanders and elves under the overall command of General von Hess repels the attack at great cost. Volgin's brotherhood of chosen warriors are slain during the assault. Bitterly disappointed, Volgin retreats east into the ruins of Ostland and takes up residence in the ruins of Castle Lenkster.

Clan Voltik's slave raid

With the Old King having eaten so much of his workforce, Voltik finds his workshop severely understaffed and instructs Skivvit Backbreaker to march out and to return with as many slaves as he can. Skivvit takes his force north, making for the recently rebuilt town of Eichewaldchen. Imperial scouts spot the army, and a battalion is dispatched under the command of Captain Lars Falkendorf. Amelia von Lessing, still a shadow of her former self, meets up with the army, keen for revenge.

Her hopes are dashed. The army meets with ill fortune, and not only does Skivvit make off with most of the town's population - men, women and children alike - he also takes seventy of Falkendorf's soldiers captive as well. Amelia is dragged from the field by old Lars screaming in frustration and horror, knowing only too well what awaits the prisoners when they get to Hergig. Upon her return to Karak Hoch, she convinces Dwalin, and thus Lord Hafnir, that the time has come to put an end to Clan Voltik once and for all. Plans are made to besiege Hergig come spring.

Volgin settles in Castle Lenkster

After the long retreat from his narrow defeat at Fort Schippel, Volgin comes upon the ruins of Castle Lenkster near the head of the Wolf's Run. Seeing potential, he begins inexpertly trying to renovate it and soon comes to the conclusion that he needs an Imperial engineer. Thugs are dispatched. Meanwhile, one of Volgin's Khorneate champions - uninterested in hanging around - sets off with his men into the Middle Mountains in search of the Brass Keep.

The Battle of Brass Keep

Khorneate champion Raal Hasan comes upon the Brass Keep after weeks of searching in the Middle Mountains. Having fought off attacks by the monstrous wildlife, his army is in poor shape by the time it finds the keep. Expecting to be welcomed by fabled Norse warriors, they are instead set upon by the undead. They are beaten back in short order, and slog back through the mountains, bringing word to Volgin that the de Crecys have expanded their domain.

2526 I.C.

Hergig besieged, 9th Jahrdrung

The Hochland state army, with assistance from Middenland and the Stormbournes, besiege Hergig.

Work starts on the Boria-Krantz Canal, 20th Jahrdrung

Engineers Boria Stormbourne and Pieter von Krantz begin work on a canal to bypass Hergig on the opposite side of the Wolf's Run. The canal is comfortably out of cannon range of the city walls, and is a huge construction project involving thousands of human labourers. Clan Voltik make no concerted efforts to lift the siege of Hergig, and the work is continued unchecked. The digging process is semi-mechanised with repurposed Stormbourne tunneling machines, speeding up the process considerably.

The Herald Comes, 5th Sommerzeit-19th Vorgeheim

The hottest summer for many years brings with it an unexpected threat: the many frozen mass graves created by the Storm of Chaos melt, putrefying under the sun. This coincides with a prophecy that whenever the numbers of the year add up to fifteen, the One-Horned Herald of the Plaguefather shall walk the earth to spread his master's blessings. An army of plague daemons march from the ruins of Praag and follow Archaon's old warpath, their numbers growing as they hit each mass grave. When the host crosses the River Lynsk, their taint gets into the water. Downstream, the people of Erengrad grow sickly.

The chronicles tell that no army can face them and triump, and indeed, when they come upon Bohsenfels, the daemons sack the army defending it even though the keep held against Archaon's forces.

Eventually, the daemons are confronted by a group of heroes known as the Ferlangen Four: Elise von Haupt, a lord of the Bright College, Gunther Krauss, a famed warrior priest and worker of miracles, Tobias Volker, architect of the planned Trans-Imperial Railway (whatever a "railway" is), and an unknown agent of the Grey College. They bring artillery and other heroes to the market town of Ferlangen, in southern Ostland, and burn the daemons with incendiary rockets before Brother Gunther, wielding Ghal Maraz at the behest of the Emperor, slays the Herald. Krauss, a simple-minded man, is subsequently made a lector by Volkmar and Franz in a move to limit corruption of church and state.