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The saga of how the demon Iqshalla'rakshanoresh slowly corrupted and eventually destroyed Rosa Richter.

The main contributing events in chronological order:

  • The Missing Astropath - Rosa meets Iqshalla'rakshanoresh and learns his name.
  • The Malal Killings - Iqshalla'rakshanoresh begins communicating with Rosa during her seance and by sending her dreams.
  • Murder Most Foul - Iqshalla'rakshanoresh communicates with Rosa more clearly during an enhanced seance, and begins hinting at her missing memories.
  • The Affectionate Informant - After Rosa told Max about Iqshalla'rakshanoresh, Max told Drake and they formed a plan to get her to come forward on her own.
  • The Rosa Project - Rosa went into isolation whilst Drake request some allies come and help destroy the demon.
  • The Rosa Effect - Rosa is possessed by Iqshalla'rakshanoresh, murders Inquisitor Kovach and trashes the Obelisk.

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