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Cetus Minor
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Cetus Minor is at the heart of the Cetus Nebula and is the centre of the rimward cluster that makes up the furthest reach of the subsector. As a result, despite being a minor Industrial/Civilised world it has become an important administrative hub for the Rimward cluster and is considered second only to Cetus Major despite other worlds being richer or more suitable.

Capital City

The Capital city and seat of power is Minoris, a large sprawling city mostly made of grey stone and rockcrete. It is dominated by the Governor's palace built upon a promontory, facing off across the city centre to the Cathedral, a tall structure of imported cream stone.

People of note

  • Planetary Governor - Imperial Commander Aeliana Scaevola aka Aeliana CLVIII, by the Grace of the Emperor, of Cetus Minor and all settlements and dominions within the system, Queen, Commander and protector of His faithful
  • Head of Ecclesiarchy - Cardinal Valerian Nikosia - called away to the Throne world with the prophet Sebastian
    • Acting Head of Ecclesiarchy - Cardinal Lalitha Bissette
  • Head of PDF - General Balbus Drusa
  • Head of Adeptus Arbites - Marshal Laurentina Faustus
  • Head of Adepta Soroitas - Cannoness Assenta of the Order of the Purple Shroud
  • House Taras
  • Lord Naseem Yolanda (trading)
  • Lady Moshe Salamanca (land ownership)
  • Adeptus Administratum, Departmento Exacta - Prefectus Emelrich Thorburn
  • Adeptus Administratum, Estate Imperium - Ordinate Alon Dechen
  • Adeptus Administratum, Officio Agricultae - Mistress Karina Vasco


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