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The Cobalt Scions' third company is led by Consul Martellus Lucullus. Notable individuals are listed below. Like all Cobalt Scions battle companies, its squads are expected to be able to switch their equipment between deployments and should therefore be expected to fulfill any battlefield role.

Notable Units

Command Staff

Captain Martellus Lucullus.png

Captain Martellus Lucullus

Known as an articulate proponent of the patient rationality of his original chapter, some regard Lucullus as a paragon of traditional virtues. Others, though, say that the one-time Ultramarine is a man who will always do the right thing, so long as the right thing helps cement his place in the history books - including his offer to cross the Rubicon Primaris and help found the Cobalt Scions.

See main article for more information.


Lieutenant Antigonus Nerva

Nerva is the oldest marine in the chapter. This is not due to a long and illustrious career, but because he was one of seventy-two subjects used to test ageing during the Primaris project. This left him with a lingering hatred of the Mechanicus, who treated him like a lab animal for centuries, and with an advanced empathy for people who are not being listened to. Following an ill-advisedly honest speech during the Rite of Remembrance one morning, Nerva found himself elevated from obscurity in the reserve companies to serve as Captain Lucullus' right hand man following the loss of Gais Atalus. Lucullus has made it clear that Nerva's job is to serve as his moral compass more than anything else, but his lack of command experience and lack of martial prowess (relative to the company's other officers) made him a figure of some resentment.

He did at least demonstrate the virtues of tenacity and self sacrifice in his repeated clashes with the ork warlord Guluk during the Andaras Affair, but has yet to truly prove his worth as a tactician.

See this short story on the Beard Bunker for more information about his promotion to Lieutenant.


Chaplain Caius Verus

Caius Verus has been the chaplain of the Third Company since he was awakened on Mars at the start of the Indomitus Crusade. When he woke, his experience was similar to his brother-marines; it was hard to trust that this wasn't just another simulation, and harder still to believe that he was now expected to provide rousing rhetoric in the heat of battle. He was far from alone in his uncertainty, and took some comfort from that.

Said comfort evaporated at the start of his first battle, when he was perturbed to find himself delivering a speech that he'd neither written nor imagined. He felt as though someone else was operating his larynx. The speech itself lacked flair or context; it sounded to him like the tired platitudes that one might be subjected to by an Ecclesiarchy auto-hailer when passing a temple.

For weeks, every time he opened his mouth to boost morale of nearby allies, these rote speeches poured out of him. To the other Scions, they were the only speeches they'd heard in battle, and seemed perfectly normal. To Verus, the sermons stuffed in his head sounded almost as though they had been written by someone who barely believed in them, and he was determined to do better.

He snatched what time he could to study rhetoric and oratory for himself. Over time, he learned to suppress autonomic catechisms in favour of his own efforts. They lacked flair, and did little to inspire his brothers, but Captain Lucullus encouraged him to persist even if it meant failure in the short term. Progress was slow and demoralising, but with Lucullus' persistence, Verus grew wiser.

After decades of war and study, Verus eclipsed his tutor. Where Lucullus' dry, rational dialectic is useful for dealing with scheming politicians, it has little ability to turn a crowd of citizens to their duty. Verus is almost the opposite, capable of inspiring citizens and Astartes alike, although shrewder minds are less likely to be swayed. Rationally, Lucullus knows their skills are usefully complimentary, but he envies Verus' charisma and popularity. This occasionally seeps out of him in the form of aphorisms warning against using platitudes over substantive points, but Lucullus recognises this as the fruit of jealous vanity and does what he can to suppress the instinct.

Verus, for his part, now relishes his role, and some say is destined to gain rank within the Reclusiam. For now, he intends to remain where he is to show loyalty to Lucullus and the Third Company - a loyalty which, arguably, now holds him back from achieving all that he could.


Ancient Aulus Acastian

Brother Aulus dreams of commanding the Third one day, but while his loyalty and martial prowess are without fault, he lacks the keen mind and political savvy needed for command. Lucullus has thus far placated Aulus with the honoured role of the company's Ancient, and hopes to further avoid the issue by seeing the seasoned warrior elevated to Chapter Ancient and, thus, he can become the Chapter Master's problem. For now, Aulus serves in his role with distinction, and keeps his frustration largely to himself.


Apothecary Galenus Eudemus

Eudemus is a firm believer in the Scions' mission to purify and consolidate the Eridani Sector. He is a humble, gregarious man who is slow to trust outsiders, and in particular takes a cynical view of the decadence of Imperial noble houses, generally making quips at their expense in the privacy of the squad vox while standing behind Lucullus during diplomatic efforts. Unlike most Scions, he has little patience for ceremony or honour, having seen both things been made foolish by the realities of battlefield triage. He holds a particular loathing for Heretic Astartes, having witnessed several Cobalt Scions get dragged away by the agents of Fabius Bile. For a while, he petitioned the Inquisition to find out if there was any way of tracking and killing Bile, concerned that Bile might unlock the secrets of the Ultima Founding. At length, he has come to accept that this is far beyond his remit, and simply a horrifying truth he must live with.

Arkadios herodion.png

Apothecary Arkadios Herodion

Herodion is a newly qualified apothecary with a keen interest in anatomy, whether it's the administration of posthuman healthcare, or the dissection of repulsive xenos. His academic curiosity means that he is always eager to talk shop with any trained physician or biologis expert he meets.


Squad Leaders


I: Xantho Tyvus

Lucullus promoted Tyvus to lead the First Squad so as to ensure he'd be regularly subjected to at least one contrary opinion. Where Lucullus is cautious and methodical, Tyvus will usually advocate for fast, decisive aggression. He claims his predisposition for using power fists is simply emulating the martial style of the Lord of Macragge, but most in the company think he is rationalising a deep personal preference for punching things. Tyvus is quite a polarising figure in the Third Company, admired by some and grating to others.

As a reward for Tyvus' tireless conduct during the Season of Fire, Hadrios Kelsus of the Phratry Munitorus retooled his power fist with archeotech capacitors. The gauntlet has come to be viewed as a relic of the Third Company. He acquitted himself just as heroically during the Raid on Lachesis, slaying multiple Gal Vorbak of the Graven Star and defeating their Master of Executions in personal combat, earning him Terminator Honours. In the closing stages of the raid, however, he experienced tragedy when most of his seasoned squadmates were slain by warriors of the Thirteenth Talon during a boarding action on the Revenant. Never one to hide his emotions, Tyvus openly wept at their loss, and has sworn vengeance upon the Night Lords.


II: Lytanus Cato

An extremely unimaginative student of the Codex Astartes, Lytanus' conversation style has been described as almost but not quite as interesting as Sanctioned Munitorum Off-White Emulsion Paint 82-theta. Lucullus sees him as humourless but dependable.

It is not an opinion shared by the Chapter Master.

During a raid on a Night Lords outpost, Lytanus and his squad were set upon by the enemy's Chosen. At the time, Second Squad were on the cusp of elevation to the ranks of the First Company, and yet the Night Lords made short work of them. Lytanus will not speak of what was done to his squad members, but what cannot be denied is that he was un-manned by the situation, and fled in genuine fear even as Chapter Master Drusus fought on alone. Following the battle, Lytanus was stripped of his Terminator Honours and told, in no uncertain terms, that he had best not imbue his new charges with the same cowardice he had shown in battle. Never a great conversationalist, Lytanus subsequently became yet more taciturn and withdrawn, but continues to serve faithfully.


III: Hairan Syras

Syras would, all things being equal, be happiest wearing a suit of gravis armour standing next to a shipping container full of ammunition. Others in the Third often joke about his obsession with being prepared for any given situation, but to Syras' chagrin, his preparedness makes him particularly useful when assigned to infiltration missions. Indeed it was one such mission, early in the Indomitus Crusade, that gave Syras his supply-based paranoia; running out of ammo deep behind enemy lines, he spent a week moving under cover of darkness and living and dying by his combat knife. Ever since, he can almost always be found festooned with ammo and chastising anyone he deems under-equipped. His most frequently used phrase is probably, "That'll do, so long as nothing goes wrong. And something always goes wrong."

Among the various specialists in Squad III is combat squad leader Lydus Petronius, an ambitious marine recently reassigned from the reserve companies. Unlike his sergeant, Lydus is only too keen to take as many infiltration missions as he can, all the better to prove his resourcefulness when acting on his own initiative.


IV: Octavius Gallus

Gallus came to the Segmentum Pacificus as part of an Ultramarines strike force at the onset of the Fourth Tyrannic War. The strike force itself met with disaster, and Gallus was the sole survivor. He was rescued from his drifting escape pod by the Imperial Navy, who in turn brought him to the Cobalt Scions. Rather than face a long and uncertain journey back to Ultramar, he instead petitioned to join this fledgling successor chapter. The Scions welcomed him into the fold, and were pleased to have such a seasoned marine join their young ranks. He soon proved his worthiness for a sergeant's helm, and was assigned to the Third Company. He has a tendency to assume younger marines don't know their business and is something of an over-explainer, but it's hoped that with time he will learn how to strike a balance between being a font of wisdom and a font of patronisation.


V: Oreas Cassander

With a proven history of trying to get himself spectacularly killed in the attempt to save those in need of protection, Cassander is considered a rash fool by some, and a paragon of virtue by others. Lucullus considers him to be both. Cassander is firm friends with Tyvus, but has little time for Lytanus' emotionally detached lectures about the need to follow the Codex at all times. Lucullus trusts Cassander to conduct himself honourably when working with other Imperial forces, and often gives him the longest leash, ranging ahead of the main force to secure forward objectives and defend them with great determination.

Uriel castus.png

VI: Uriel Castus

As the sole survivor in his squad following an encounter with a band of plague marines during the Indomitus Crusade, Castus' hatred for Heretic Astartes is extreme. As such he will almost always volunteer his squad should the use of plasma guns be required to deal with their ilk. The Raid on Lachesis only served to deepen his loathing of the Archenemy.


IX: Agnathio Lastratus

The Cobalt Scions' chapter cult advocates the adoration and veneration of all Imperial heroes, but Agnathio - keen for the chapter to make its mark on the galaxy - pays perhaps too much homage to the First Four Scions who left the Ultramarines to found the chapter. A keen student of their exploits even prior to their crossing of the Rubicon Primaris, Agnathio is regarded by many in the Third Company of being a sycophant. Lucullus, of course, is only too pleased to receive such recognition. The benefit to all this hero worship is that Agnathio extols the value of martial flexibility, and has sought to emulate his captain by mastering all the weapons in the arsenal. While his squad sometimes roll their eyes at his attitude to his betters, they pay attention when he provides weapons training. Indeed, when a marine is promoted into the company from the reserve, Lucullus will often ensure they spend some time in Squad IX to further entrench their skill with a variety of equipment.

Antinus severus.png

X: Antinus Severus

A notorious glory hound, Severus has been known to take impetuous risks when the rewards are high. Never happier than when he's rushing to the rescue of comrades, he particularly enjoys dispatching the Scions' foes from the saddle of a bike. Ultimately he yearns to command the 8th Company, where he might sate his love of rapid warfare. This eagerness often puts him at odds with the more conservatively minded Lucullus, although this is usually expressed by amused exasperation rather than actual frustration.


Support Units


Gaius Atalus, Redemptor Dreadnought

Gaius Atalus was the first batch-produced primaris marine who truly earned the respect of the four Ultramarines who crossed the Rubicon Primaris to found the chapter.

Being a native of Magna Macragge Civitas helped, but it was his adaptability that got him noticed by Martellus Lucullus of the Third during the Siege of Adrantis VII. Lucullus had Atalus moved from the reserve companies and into the Third, where he took him under his wing. Atalus was a quick study whose good humour only seemed to increase in a crisis. If anything he was a little too sure of himself, but seemed to have the skill to back it up.

He became the first Cobalt Scion to be promoted into the rank of Lieutenant, rather than simply having the position thanks to Cawl's programming. Chapter Master Drusus agreed, at Lucullus' suggestion, that Atalus would be first in line should one of the chapter's captains fall in combat. To ensure Atalus would do well in command, Lucullus regularly had him take control of operations and would watch his pupil, only offering suggestions if he considered that Atalus was making a dangerous mistake.

Sadly it was during one such operation that everything went disastrously wrong.

The Liberation of Pleione Secundus was a long and gruelling fight against ork invaders. Atalus had hastily arranged the defence of Numis City's commercia district, but had missed one possible point of ingress. Lucullus was briefly called away to liaise with other Imperial forces, and whilst he was gone, a large group of orks broke through the gap. Atalus took full responsibility and judged that a full squad of brothers would be lost unless a withdrawal was facilitated. He stormed into the breach and sacrificed himself to cover the withdrawal. Lucullus assumed operational control and led a counterattack to drive the orks back. By the time the Scions recovered Atalus, his second heart was failing.

His loss was mourned, as everyone sensed he had been destined for greatness. He was interred in the chapter's first suit of Dreadnought armour, and given his close relationship with Lucullus, was assigned to the Third. While this does allow Lucullus to maintain his friendship with his old pupil, it also means dealing with Atalus' increasingly... problematic traits.

Having been told he was destined for big things, and then being told he can't have them because apparently you can't just leave dreadnoughts switched on the whole time, has made Atalus increasingly bitter. He doesn't fully understand why he has to be put to sleep so much of the time, and seems slower to learn than he once was. If anything, he seems to be regressing.

Lucullus finds it hard to see his friend slipping away, but he and the chaplains have been unsuccessful in keeping Atalus' spirits up. Some have suggested it would be easier on Lucullus if Atalus was assigned to a different company, but Lucullus thinks himself in the best position to help, even if the process brings him sadness.

Atalus sometimes gets confused or disoriented in firefights, particularly when engaging orks, and has been known to start issuing orders or formulating incomplete plans. The marines of the Third have learned to ignore these edicts, and will joke with Atalus that he's forgotten his place. Atalus will vox back with self-deprecating quips, but Lucullus knows this is a front and tries to employ his friend's suggestions where they're helpful so that Atalus doesn't feel entirely foolish.

Given enough time, it is hoped that Atalus will adapt to his new reality. Perhaps then, something of Lucullus' first and greatest protege will remain.