Cyra Ramak

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Cyra Ramak
Rank Agent
Role Infiltrator/Sniper
Sex Female
Height 5'2"
Hair Mousy Brown
Skin Pale
Build Wirey
Typical Equipment
Ranged Needle Rifle
Melee Crowbar
Armour Armoured Bodyglove

Cyra Ramak is an Agent of the Inquisition, newly hired by Inquisitor Lear.



Little is commonly known about where Cyra comes from, within the Obelisk only Cyra and Inquisitor Lear know of her past, and neither have been particularly forthcoming.


Cyra has demonstrated herself to be a devout worshipper of the Emperor, and some of her religious veneration is conferred onto her Inquisitor as a worldly avatar of His authority, and treats her appointment as an Inquisitorial Agent as a divine mission. Despite her fierce religious beliefs, she does not hold the organisation of the Ecclesiarchy in general in particularly high regard, but has been significantly more respectful of the Adepta Sororitas.

She is a loner by nature, and struggles with people, but has been making an effort to bond with her team, albeit with very limited success. Atticus initially appeared to show some romantic interest, which she initially responded well to until she discovered he was showing equal interest to Nadiya and others and her opinion on him soured deeply.

Her initial attempts to bond with new team-mate Miika has been troublesome despite, or perhaps because of, the overlap in their skillset. Cyra lacks the social skills to navigate this successfully and has largely dealt with it by avoiding it.

When not otherwise engaged she has taken it upon herself to protect Inquisitor Lear, going so far as secretly stalking her during down-time, hidden upon rooftops. As far as she knows the Inquisitor is unaware of this surveillance.

Talents and Equipment

Cyra is very good at sneaking around, climbing, breaking into places and dissarming security measures. She is also extremely capable with a sniper rifle and pretty good at fighting with knives or a well aimed crowbar. All sure signs of a well spent youth.

Despite having free access to the armoury of the Inquisition, she has been reticent to take too much equipment, considering it a waste of the Emperor's resources, so she equipped herself only with what she absolutely needs to do her job. Nevertheless she was very pleased to be able to acquire a bolt pistol from a heretic and has since put it to good use, and after a few missions did go back to the armoury for a little more equipment that wasn't absolutely necessary but would significantly increase her ability to serve the Emperor.

She typically carries a folding sniper rifle, a grapnel launcher and climbing harness, infrascope goggles, a pair of knives and a crowbar. She wears a close fitted armoured bodyglove and an urban camo cloak.


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