Dammerung Conclave

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In the wake of Kuunyesu Marooned Kovach gathered key personnel to discuss how to deal with the pirate Battleship Dammerung in Boros' Folly.


Minutes and Actions

+++To: Ashe; Kovach; Sarge; Acid; Max
+++ From: Siveter
+++ Subject: Dammerung Conclave: minutes & Actions

Hello all,

I’ve just arrived at Hydraphur and I’ve typed up the notes from the Dammerung conclave on the way.

There is a good astropathic and data packet connection here, so I will remain reachable. Despite my own personal goals and needs at Hydraphur, I will give top priority to assisting with the Dammerung crisis and have already started digging into it. Fortunately, they have excellent library and archival systems here, so despite being away, I will still be able to assist.

Please find attached my record of the conclave and resulting arising actions.

I have discovered that Pellena shipping are about to scrap an Ison 10. This will be perfect for our plans and should be readily modifiable. I have put wheels in motion for one of my (our) holding companies to buy it and it should be heading towards Sejanus with a skeleton crew in the next 10 days.

I’ll attach a basic schematic of the ship once I’ve got access to the Ison database.




Ison 10 plans.jpg

Achernar Conclave Minutes & Resulting Actions

Distribution List

Inquisition only.
Redacted version available for wider dissemination.


Pirate Battleship “Dammerung” at Boros Folly – trading through the needle has declined, a danger of this battleship causing a more severe threat in more populous regions of the Achernar sector.

Battleship Dammerung
Captain: 		Ismael Grisht
Hull pattern: 		Armageddon
Shields: 		4
Offensive capability: 	Single flight deck
			Weapons batteries equivalent to Dictator class cruiser
			Lance battery
			Omni directional defensive turrets (blind spot to the rear)
			Single use torpedo turrets – omni directional – on both flanks
			Nova Cannon
Escorts: 		Various ship types. 

Summary of Discussion

Dammerung origins unknown. Where did it come from? Is there a record of a missing battleship on record?
Query is outstanding. Inquisition to investigate.

Direct fleet engagement against the battleship and escorts are to be avoided if possible - such action is likely to lead to significant damage to home fleet and degradation of fighting strength. Possibility of home fleet destruction. In the first instance, it may be better to target the ‘support’ elements necessary to keep the Dammerung operating including resupply and refit elements, crew and restrict the amount of material that the pirate fleet can get access to. Thus, we might weaken the Dammerung for the inside.

Discussion about Inquisition team previously boarding The Dammerung in the past, due to signal from undercover agent.
A cogitator device was sabotaged – the device's purpose was to detect ships before they exit the warp, destroyed by explosives. Unclear whether this device has been destroyed
Note: Device is a demon engine (Kuunyesu) of unknown origin.

Previous Inquisition mission noted the nature of the Crew: they are from a variety of sources are probably poorly led and disciplined and will not necessarily act as a cohesive unit under battle stress. Discussed how to further undermine the crew’s cohesiveness through infiltration, propaganda and sabotage.

The use of an EMP device or a teleporter attack were ruled out.

Plan of action

Indirect Action

Infiltration teams to be set up to gain access to Dammerung and/or Boros’ Folly with an open remit to disrupt pirate operations. Remit to include but not be limited to:

Assassination of key crew members (Dammerung or support fleet)
Damage or disruption of Dammerung operations
Damage or disruption to dockyard / resupply operations
Seizure or destruction of incoming raw materials, food, equipment etc.
Damage to crew cohesion or morale - direct action, incitement, spread of propaganda (on board or off-board), supply destruction.
Information gathering on support fleet.

Direct Action

Open fleet combat is an option of last resort.

Plan to fit out a freighter as a ‘Q Ship’. Freighter to be outfitted for launching of fighter and bomber wings and boarding torpedos. Scan shielded and equipped for minimum crew running and rapid evacuation.

Fighter screen to protect boarding torpedoes from enemy ordnance.

Craft to be retrieved by nearby carrier. Carrier to be hidden from enemy detection by silent running. Q ship should be sufficient distraction to enable carrier to remain hidden.

Torpedoes to contain insurgent force for merging into ship’s crew and/or Astartes from locally deployed forces. Inquisition to approach Astartes for assistance.

Supporting Actions

Admiralty to re-allocate of resources, sector fleet / local defense budgets in case The Dammerung acts early.
List of ‘at risk’ systems to be drawn up. These systems are to prepare for possible attack. This includes ensuring that defence systems work, military forces are prepared and procedures are operable and tested.
This should also take account for protection of civilian population and planetary industry.
Care will be needed with this preparation to prevent widespread panic.

Merchant shipping to begin operating as escorted convoys. Should help to reduce ease by which pirate fleet can capture useful materiel.Can admiralty arrange escort?

Blockade to be established to prevent illicit trade to Boros’ folly.

Identify places that are capable of supporting battleship class for repair and refit. Should allow degree of anticipation of Dammerung’s movements.

Resulting Inquisitorial Actions

Siveter Lund

Establish provenance of Dammerung and find information on ship design & capability.
Draw up list of ‘at risk’ planets and naval bases where Dammerung and pirate fleet might attack.
Obtain suitable freighter for ‘Q ship’ attack and arange with Admiralty and Ad-Mech for re-fit.

Inquisitor Kovach

Petition Astartes chapters for assistance with boarding action.
Prepare team for infiltration mission

Sergeant Marle / Acid

Check Sejanus & Obelisk’s fixed defences for function and readiness.

Ashe / Max

Visit ‘at risk’ areas and check on preparedness of local military and preparedness of planetary governors / installation managers.

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