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The Deathwatch Killteams of the Segmentum Pacificus operate from the Inquisition HQ at the fortress of Caerostrum on Hydraphur, although in practical terms killteams spend most of their time aboard the small flotilla of astartes escorts, moving from target to target. Members of individual teams often move from the service of one captain to another, either to broaden their experience or due to an irreconcilable clash of personalities or traditions (the latter coming with a fair amount of stigma).

More recently, due in part to the ongoing war on Samalut and the various threats uncovered in the Scyrian Expanse and entering from the Halo Zone, a detachment has been seconded to a forward Watch Outpost in the Achernar sector.

Kill Team Valerian
Rank Name Chapter Equipment Psychology Role
Watch Captain Lucius Decimus Valerian Ultramarines Power sword, bolt pistol, iron halo Proud, secretive Commander/assault
Brother-Sergeant Elias Templars Errant Boltgun, chainsword Insubordinate, protective Commander/tactical
Brother-Sergeant Jophiel Hebron Dark Angels Plasma pistol, power sword Reticent, aloof Commander/assault
Codicier Tymon Ausonius Charnel Guard Force staff, bolt pistol, psychic hood Unknown Psyker (communications/scrying/etc)
Brother-Techmarine Tu'tai Manassi Raptors Boltgun, chainsword, servo-rig Pragmatic, logical Techpriest
Brother-Techmarine Yaniv Uzziel Flesh Tearers Varies Enthusiastic, envious Techpriest
Brother Skele Kyaneus Raven Guard Boltgun, power sword, jump pack Cautious, brooding Tactical/recon/assault
Brother Hytius "Hyti" Cycus Scythes of the Emperor Infernus heavy bolter Pragmatic, vengeful Devastator
Brother Unik "Blits" Besytter Vlka Fenryka Boltgun, chainsword Patient, independent Tactical
Brother Raan Usharis Dark Eagles Boltgun Impetuous, gregarious Tactical
Brother Ganzorig Ovog Nergüi Storm Bringers Stalker Boltgun, jet pack Enthusiastic, compassionate Sniper/recon
Brother Laertus Imperial Fists Frag cannon, bolt pistol Meticulous, stubborn Devastator
Brother Jughal Hes Iron Hands Combi-melta/boltgun Judgmental, ruthless Tactical
Brother Loic Ibarra Howling Griffons Power sword, storm shield unknown Assault
Brother Kinnarion Agni Salamanders Combi-melta, chainsword unknown Tactical
Brother Vill Ulfhednar Vlka Fenryka Power axe, bolter unknown Tactical
Brother Aulus Cassian White Consuls Storm bolter, cyclone missile launcher, meltagun, power fist, terminator armour Superstitious, pious Devastator
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