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Dheneb Landscape.jpg

Located within the Cetus Sub-sector of the Achernar Sector. Once, Dheneb was humid, green and verdant. Now it is a dead world. Cometary impact triggered a global extinction event, and the planet is now a dusty rock. Nonetheless it possesses an atmosphere, and the lost forests have left staggeringly rich fossil fuel deposits. The mechanicum have claimed the Dheneb system for their own and the Administratum of Cetus Major are happy enough with the tithes of promethium to let them have it unopposed and unmonitored. It is for all intents and purposes a protectorate of Mars not Terra. Most of the advanced technology produced in the Cetus sub-sector is made in Dheneb’s towering manufactorums by servitors, bionically enhanced mind-wiped convicts. Food is produced in biodomes while all day and night, columns of smoke rise from the refineries.

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