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Formerly Sergeant Ekaterin Malo (S-5398) of the Hive Sejanus Magistratum of Cetus Major, and now an Agent of the Inquisition.

Joining the Inquisition

Ekaterin had never had any ambition to join the Inquisition, regarding the organisation with the fear and dislike that most Maj Captains do. But a three-month hunt for the source of a particular drug yielded a cache of something neither she nor her team could identify, guarded by men holding guns which, when she looked at them more closely, were heavily modified from unfamiliar models.

Ekaterin started to dig. She found out where the guns came from, and the source of the drugs. Everything about it felt ‘off’ to her, and she knew that if she took it further up in the Maj, she risked someone being paid off. So she sent her report to the Obelisk, where it landed on Inquisitor Michael’s desk.

Michael recognised the guns immediately as xenos work, and took over the investigation. Ekaterin sent him her - extensive - paperwork on the subject. Impressed by her thorough approach, Michael offered her a job.

At 38, Ekaterin liked her job but was ready for a change. The endless cycle of drug busts and gang raids had started to pall, and Tien’s memory was never far away in the precinct they’d worked in together. So she agreed, and decided to step into the unknown.

Typical Equipment

She tends to use equipment she is familiar with from her Magistratum days, such as shotguns and shock-mauls, and has a cyber mastiff (Z0N-667, affectionately known as Zonna).


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