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Located at the very edge of the Cetus Sub-sector, and by extension of the whole of the Achernar Sector, Erydimae has made quite an industry out of being a waypoint for ships heading out into the Halo Stars; you will not find a better or more attentive resupply and dry-docking centre in the sector. Its labour, though, comes from alien and mutant ghettos. Cetus Minor turns a blind eye to the goings on there as the above-required tithes are welcome. Cetus Major, though, is starting to worry that minor abhuman missions and embassies are becoming settlements. A clash was imminent and inevitable, but a mission led by Interrogator Michael seems to have got things under control again. For now.


Planetary Governor Solomon Horner

Governor Horner came into office quite recently, following the death of Governor Hania Fleischman. He has pledged to enhance Adeptus control of the system, with the long-term goal of getting direct government control over Erydimae's various independent docks, particularly the surface docks responsible for constructing smaller civilian vessels. Thus far he has met with only limited success.

Horner comes from old money, and whilst claiming to be a traditionalist, it seems he is, first and foremost, concerned with profits.

After an intervention by Interrogator Michael, Horner is now treating with the DWC to improve working conditions, but also importing more human colonists to increase productivity and dilute the abhuman and xenos presence.

Military Presence

Erydimae has a very limited military, with only one full PDF regiment under the command of Colonel Rikkard Whitlow. The Colonel used to work for Inquisitor Kovach, and is still a trusted informant who sends Kovach sporadic updates.

Most docks maintain their own private enforcers, not all of which meet Imperial purity standards. Whilst there are plenty of weapons in the planet, there is a definite lack of centralised command, as is often the case on frontier worlds where Imperial rule is not fully established.

Notable political groups

The Dock Workers' Collective

The DWC, also known simply as the Collective, is run by a foreman named Sark Ves. Little is known about him, as his 'twist' status means the Governor will not acknowledge him as a legitimate political player.

Force For Change

The FFC is a growing group of workers led by an individual known as Draan. They are popular with some xenos subspecies, and are partnered with the Collective. Further details about their objectives and Draan's MO are unknown at this time.


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