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Ok gang, this is a basic page for some simple "how to" for editing.

This here is a more comprehensive formatting guide

To make a link:

[[Cetus Major]] becomes Cetus Major

[[Cetus Major|subsector capital]] becomes subsector capital

[ Google] becomes Google

To assign a page to a category add [[Category:Systems]] to the end of the page (you can put in as many as you like)

To link to a category add a colon at the start: [[:Category:Systems]] becomes Category:Systems

Titles come in lots of sizes:


Title 1

=Title 1=

Title 2

==Title 2==

Title 3

===Title 3===

Title 4

====Title 4====

Title 5

=====Title 5=====

Title 6

======Title 6======

If you put a few titles in (three or more by default), the contents box will appear of its own accord.

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