Hunting the Stormkommandoes

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Blood Angels
Raven Guard

Blood Angel and Raven Guard scouts drew out an Ork warboss on Samalut IX so that Deathwatch Veterans Ganzorig and Kyaneus could assassinate him.



  • Whilst timely intervention by the Blood Angels 3rd Company and Raven Guard 5th Company prevented the overrunning of the planet during The Samalut IX Campaign, and held off the Orks until the Imperial Guard could arrive, the planet remains and ongoing warzone.
  • It appears that despite the death of the leader of the new Ork forces dubbed the “Stormkommandoes” at the hands of Shadow Captain Yiraka in the Battle of Tarno, a new Ork leader, Skarrukk Grimsnik, arose to replace him.
  • It is the way of the Ork that the strongest lead, but it seems that by eliminating the strongest leader it left room for a less individually powerful leader to take his place that was more gifted in in stealth and strategy.
  • Space Marines who had been left on Samalut as military trainers and advisors contacted the Deathwatch for advice and assistance.

The Scouts

  • A mixed unit of Blood Angel and Raven Guard scouts deployed to a forward supply depot, with the intention of providing an enticing target of a good fight to be had and supplies to loot.
  • The Orks were significantly harder to kill than expected, the Scouts on the ground hypothesised that the fact they had run out of their own ammunition during the prolonged conflict and were now using bolter ammo of inferior quality supplied by the Imperial Guard and planetary defenders may have been part of the problem.
  • Whilst Blood Angle and Raven Guard firing lines gunned down the Orks, heroic action led by the Blood Angels Scout Sergeant held the line in a vicious melee. The Orks were defeated and driven off. Five Blood Angel scouts died during the action, including the Sergeant.
  • The Ork survivors were pursued back to their lair, where it was discovered the Orks had set up fake encampments whilst secretly making their homes in the sewers.
  • Once the target was spotted, his location was called in to a Deathwatch stealth insertion vehicle in a high altitude holding pattern. Deathwatch Veterans Ganzorig and Kyaneus deployed at high altitude via jump pack.



  • Dropping in to his last known location, the Deathwatch Veterans did not immediately have eyes upon the target. They knew that two units of Stormkommandoes were heading their way, so they set about clearing the anti-air batteries nearby, destroying one and killing the crew of another.
  • Skarrukk Grimsnik was canny, staying in cover whilst the other Stormkommandoes assaulted the Astartes. Nevertheless, Ganzorig managed to snatch a clear shot at him whilst Kyaneus duelled with a huge Stormkommando Nob and bought Ganzorig room to act. Only by the most unlikely chance of fate did Grimsnik avoid a carefully selected and perfectly aimed Implosion bolt to the head and he stumbled slightly at the last moment.
  • The pair now found themselves forced to fall back lest they be overwhelmed by Orks.
  • As they started to get into a pattern of avoidance and evasion Kyanues, who had been unwittingly volunteered as “the blame” for this mission, spotted a chance to strike at Grimsnik, even though it would then leave them vulnerable to Ork counter-attack.
  • This time, Grimsnik was not so lucky, and Ganzorig’s second and final implosion round removed the Ork’s head from the inside out.


  • Ganzorig was swamped by vengeful Stormkommandoes, managed to fight his way free, and only to be swamped again on top of the largest building the pair were planning to make their escape upon.
  • Kyaneus took mild damage from the ground-based Ork mobs, but shrugged it off as he commandeered the in-tact anti-air battery, turning it upon the Deffkopters that had arrived which might seriously endanger their escape plans.
  • He managed to gun down four out of the six Deffkopters before the Orks on foot caught up, and just had enough time to destroy the battery with his krak grenade, so that it could not be used to shoot down their extraction, before being overrun.
  • As the extraction shuttle arrived, Ganzorig managed to fight clear of the remaining Stormkommandoes and jump free to a mid-air collection, but Kyaneus, injured by rocket fire and swamped by Orks, was dragged back down.
  • He told Ganzorig and the pilot Uzziel to pull back, assuring them that he would retreat and lose the Orks in the ruins as was the Raven Guard way, but Ganzorig refused.
  • Uzziel pulled the shuttle around for a second pass, whilst Ganzorig calmly shot down the remaining Deffkopters by opening the forward hatch and sniping the pilots mid-air.
  • By the second pass, Kyaneus had managed to kill enough Orks to break free, leaping up for a mid-air extraction. As he began to patch up his tattered armour, the shuttle broke Orbit and headed back to the Watch-Station.
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