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An investigation into the possible illegal activity of a transport ship led to the first reported case of Gellerpox in the Cetus Sub-sector.



  • Inquisitor Michael gathered Ash, Jaxx, Siveter and Nadiya into briefing room three.
  • The mission is to board and investigate the ship "Abire Audacter".
  • Michael recognises it and saw it in the Halo Zone at a non-Imperial world, docked at an orbiting trade station.
  • It is currently claiming to be on a trade circuit shipping components for transporting foodstuffs through the void to Iosmiri IV, an agri-world, currently en-route back from Erydimae.
  • Michael doesn’t want to let on that he saw them, and it is possible that the ship he saw was just pretending to be this ship, so he wants to find proof.
  • Michael will be accompanying Dani, she will be acting as a ship inspector from the Adeptus Administratum on Cetus-Major, he as her chief bodyguard.
  • They are claiming that the Abire Audacter is recorded as an Emperor class Battleship, and wish to determine if this is indeed the Abire Audacter or if it is something else.
    • It is hoped that if the crew grow suspicious they will think it is a secret inspection against avoiding shipping fees, not an Inquisitorial mission.
    • The ship was passing by and stopped for fuel conveniently at 2am Sejanis Hive time, and was planning to be away by 5am, so the Administratum’s insistence on sending someone aboard is suspect.
  • The aim is to leave with cover story in-tact so that nobody knows the Inquisition was involved.
  • The party prepared cover identities and disguises.
    • Nadiya expressed concern about how to dress like a non-noble, and Max took the opportunity to flirt a bit but was shot down.

The Trip Up

  • On the Trip up Sergeant Naomi Bila removed her helmet, revealing herself to be an attractive woman.
    • She introduced her troops as "The Ladies" but explained that actually these four were all men.
  • Nadiya spent a while needling Naomi about wearing their full-face helmets into a briefing.
    • Naomi did not understand why it mattered, and Ash seemed to agree with Naomi.
  • Ash took the opportunity to ask Naomi if she could see her later without the carapace, and Naomi was surprised but said maybe.

The Investigation

  • Leaving Sgt Bila and the Ladies aboard the shuttle, the party were escorted to the bridge.
  • The Party were introduced to the ship's bridge crew:
    • Captain: Captain Heracles, female.
    • 1st Officer: Lieutenant Jared, male, calm and well spoken.
    • Helmsman: Ensign Kingsleigh, female, petite.
    • Communications: Ensign Zebediah, male, huge bearded man, but friendly.
  • The Captain took Dani and Michael off for a tour of the ship.
  • Nadiya grew impatient and stormed off to tour the ship, pursued by Ensign Zebediah asking her to return for her own safety.
  • Max excused himself to go to the loo, and snuck off to explore.
  • Siveter and Lieutenant Jared engaged in a bureaucratic duel, which Siveter eventually won and gained access to the paperwork.
  • Jaxx investigated the consoles and was intercepted by Ensign Kingsleigh.
  • Ash distracted Ensign Kingsleigh with conversation, allowing Jaxx to slip away and hack into the ship's data-core.

The Incident

  • Nadiya grew frustrated with Ensign Zebediah and her failed attempts to give him the slip, so used her psychic powers to order him away.
  • She then began exploring in earnest, looking for the cargo bays.
  • She ran into a Tech-Priest (later identified as Enginseer Chorion).
    • He was most interested in who she was, who her family was and why she was on the ship.
  • Nadiya was disturbed by his smell and the presence of a few flies.
  • He began leading her away, and she lost her bearings and wasn't sure where he was taking her.
  • The presence of flies and the smell increased until she panicked and began to leave.
  • Chorion grabbed for her, but she dodged away and ran.
  • He pursued but she shot him in the leg and escaped.
  • Max was drawn to the gunfire and met up with Nadiya, revealing to her that they were near the Engineerium.
  • Together they returned to the bridge area.

Further Investigation

  • Jaxx linked up with Max and Nadiya
  • They investigated the Engineerium and saw mutated crewmembers dragging an unconscious crewmember towards the Engineerium.
  • Flies and stench of decay increased dramatically in the area of the Engineerium.
  • The bioscanner in Jaxx's servo-skull revealed a mass of life within the Engineerium, and around the edges revealed some of the life-signs to be much smaller than human.
  • Returning to the bridge area they found Navigator Ezrecher dead.
    • He had vomited and bled from the eyes before apparently committing suicide with a laspistol.
  • Having determined that the situation was significantly worse than expected they called Inquisitor Michael back to the bridge.

Clean Up

  • Michael asked for explicit proof of what was happening before he condemned an entire ship to death.
  • Jaxx's servo-skull was sent to the Engineerium to bring back a view from within.
    • It was pursued on the way back, got close enough to Jaxx to transmit it's data and then led the pursuit away.
    • RIP servo-skull
  • Michael identified the infection as Gellerpox, something the Inquisition had only just discovered and begun to warn Inquisitors about.
  • He executed the bridge crew, granting them a merciful death, and evacuated the team.
    • Ash made the wise suggestion that the party leave via another shuttle, so that if they were infected they would not contaminate Sgt Bila and the Ladies who has been waiting on the shuttle they came up in.
  • The Abire Audacter was pushed out of orbit and then destroyed by sustained fire
    • The hulk is on a slow decaying orbit into the star with a picket ship to maintain quarantine.
  • The entire team has been put into solitary quarantine and subjected to psychic examination to ensure they are not contaminated.


  • With the paperwork he recovered, supplemented by data gathered by Jaxx, Siveter was able to determined that the ship's logs were faked and for a period of about a month the ship was missing whilst near the Halo Zone.
  • The Inquisitorial briefing on Gellerpox has been issued to the team, under strict instructions that this is Vermilion Level secure and not to be shared with anyone below a full Inquisitor.

Personnel Involved

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