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Kaprun is the capital world of both the Kapran sub and the Achernar sector as a whole. It is known for its vast orbital facilities and moon habs, collectively referred to as the Aureole. Constructed over the course of M36, the Aureole meant that the bulk of the planet's emissions-heavy industries could be relocated so as to avoid contaminating the planet's atmosphere. Consequently the world itself is regarded as an unusually pleasant place, with many regions of natural beauty and pleasant boulevards running through its cities. Competition is fierce for those careers which offer jobs planetside; agricultural labour and administratum work are considered deeply preferential to work in the orbital manufactorums and ship foundries.

Work in the orbital facilities is hard, and some facilities are not adequately maintained, leading to a risk of depressurisation. Most labourers do at least enjoy planetside accommodation, to which they commute via one of seven space elevators. Most consider the lengthy commute to be worth it for the daily experience of natural gravity and a blue sky, although there are some labourers and Mechanicum adepts who spend their entire lives in orbit.

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