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Captain Laius Ortano was originally gazetted in the Gothic Sector under Lord Admiral Ravensburg, following a career path set out by his family. He enjoyed a meteoric rise through the ranks and became the youngest Rear Admiral in Battlefleet Gothic's history, only to suffer humiliation and demotion following a disastrous fleet action soon after the outset of a major Chaos invasion of the sector. His family connections kept him in the service, and he was transferred to the Achernar Sector to spend the rest of his days in a quiet backwater. As fate would have it, he was soon cast back into the limelight after deftly waging a campaign of hit and run attacks during Bolgruf Neckbita's invasion of the Xephone system, and was subsequently charged with exploring the Scyrian Expanse by an impressed Admiral Tryphosa.

Following the charting of SCY-039 and the discovery of the system's endemic orkoid infestation, Laius led an allied fleet of Imperial, Eldar and Tau ships against Gorgoff Skullsmasha's armada. Ortano laid a trap in the Xephone system, catching them in a pincer movement. The allied victory was overwhelming, with eight orkoid capital ships and numerous escorts destroyed for the loss of only six allied escort vessels. Following the battle, Admiral Tryphosa promoted him to Battlefleet Achernar's only Vice Admiral. While Tryphosa continued to manage the fleet's movements as a whole, Ortano became responsible for the largest flotillas and the fleet's most critical missions.

Command skills

Ld9, 2 re-rolls

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