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Maximus ‘Max’ Drent is a gifted pilot, recently entered into inquisitorial service. Having never given the Emperor or Imperium much thought outside of day-to-day life, Max has found life as an agent an uncomfortable awakening.




Max grew up in the underhive slums of Hive Sejanus, district 42, adjacent to ‘the clanks’ (the old manufacturing district). Max’s family home was a tiny, dilapidated two-bedroom house, set into the aged remains of a small shoe factory.

The eldest of six children, Max is extremely close to his younger siblings and misses them terribly since his move to The Obelisk. When his mother left after the birth of his youngest brother, Max became the sole provider for his family. Terrified, but determined to keep his siblings together, Max took the only opportunity he saw available to him: Crime.

Max continues to support his family and speaks to them every week. He has had no contact with his mother in the last six years, her whereabouts is unknown. Max has never met his father.

Previous Career

At the age of fourteen Max became a part-time petty thief and pickpocket, dropping out of school shortly afterwards. He joined a crew of young car thieves and quickly stood out as effective. Two years later, Max was picked up by another crew specialising in aircraft crime. It was here that Max learnt to fly.

Max’s talents were noticed by several criminal gangs and he was often ‘loaned out’ for odd jobs, working multiple crews at once. It was during this time that Max honed his skills as a driver and pilot, working illegal cargo runs, evading law and rival gangs alike, and transporting important members of the city’s criminal elite. Max’s life continued in this way for around three years, progressing to bigger jobs which eventually included multiple trips off world to planets such as Erydimae.

Joining the Inquisition

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After being dismissed by the crew he had spent the previous 6 months working with, Max made the somewhat rash decision to steal a Guncutter ship. Max successfully disabled the security systems around the craft, boarded and took off. The ship’s secondary security system immediately sent out a beacon to all local law enforcement. The call was answered by three squadrons of fighters and multiple magistratum crafts resulting in an air pursuit. Max out maneuvered them all, evading capture and arrest in an impressive aerial display.

Inquisitor Kovach eventually hailed his own cutter and offered Max the opportunity to join the Inquisition as an agent or pursue other options... He chose the former.

Agent of the Inquisition

Largely ignorant of the greater issues facing the Imperium, Max initially found some of the hard lines taken by the Inquisition difficult to process and began to doubt the morality of their actions. An informative lecture from Inquisitor Michael has since begun to change these feelings.

Max is currently training with several of his fellow Agents and Inquisitors. Whilst he initially expressed displeasure at this, he since started to embrace it after a handful of missions. He is fond of his fellow teammates and wouldn’t want to see them come to harm.

At the completion of his first mission, and under the advice of Gaius Umberto, Max moved his siblings off world to Machadon in the hopes of keeping them separated from his career in the Inquisition.



Max has taken an interest in power fists. After extensive weight training and practice Ash finally permitted him to use one, but in his first mission using it (Cleansing the Flint Compound) it didn't go very well.


  • Inquisitor Michael, something of a mentor and also figure of fear to Max in his early days as an Agent, since being promoted to Inquisitor Michael has been mostly absent.
  • Inquisitor Drake, since Michael left Drake has been the primary authority figure to Max.
  • Ashar Lear, a fellow Agent who has worked, fought and got very drunk alongside Max and who Max considers his "Battle Mum".
  • Praetus Jaxx, something of a hero to Max.
  • Rosa Richter, a fellow Agent and the only person newer than Max.
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