Nadiya Zelenko

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Nadiya Zelenko

Nadiya Zelenko is a psyker in the service of Inquisitor Drake. Born a noble of Hive Sejanus she fled her home when she developed pychic powers. Drake found her and sent her to the Scholastica Psykana for training, but requested her to be returned upon the completion of her training. Whilst it is unusual to have a psyker reassigned to the place they came from, he valued her local knowledge.

Her talents mainly revolve around compulsion and mental manipulation.

She comes across as rather aloof, but working with other agents in the Obelisk is beginning to mellow.


Born into nobility (specifically, the affluent bankers Markov and Grigaria Zelenko) in the spires of Hive Sejanus, Nadiya enjoyed an expensive education and became accustomed to getting her way.

At the age of 17, she started to experience strange phenomena in times of elevated emotions. She began to suspect she was a witch, and became terrified that she and her family would be purged by the Inquisition. Leaving a note bidding her family farewell and begging them not to look for her, she went to live on the streets. Naturally, her parents immediately contacted the authorities to look for their darling daughter, but the magistratum could find no trace of her. She lived rough for around six months until she'd slipped up enough to draw attention, and was apprehended by a team of Hereticus agents that included Ashar Lear. After screening and then several years’ training in Cetus Major's Scholastica Psykana, she was approved for duty as a sanctioned psyker.

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