Nadiya Zelenko

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Nadiya Zelenko

Nadiya Zelenko is a psyker in the service of Inquisitor Drake. Born a noble of Hive Sejanus she fled her home when she developed pychic powers. Drake found her and sent her to the Scholastica Psykana for training, but requested her to be returned upon the completion of her training. Whilst it is unusual to have a psyker reassigned to the place they came from, he valued her local knowledge.

Her talents mainly revolve around compulsion and mental manipulation.

She comes across as rather aloof, but working with other agents in the Obelisk is beginning to mellow.



Born into nobility (specifically, the affluent bankers Markov and Grigaria Zelenko) in the spires of Hive Sejanus, Nadiya enjoyed an expensive education and became accustomed to getting her way.

At the age of 17, she started to experience strange phenomena in times of elevated emotions. She began to suspect she was a witch, and became terrified that she and her family would be purged by the Inquisition. Leaving a note bidding her family farewell and begging them not to look for her, she went to live on the streets. Naturally, her parents immediately contacted the authorities to look for their darling daughter, but the magistratum could find no trace of her.

Life on the streets

Having visited family friends in the San Borya biome, Nadiya had passed the four Pillars on several occasions and knew the 4th to be both incomplete and deserted at the top. Having no clue about living rough, it was the one place she thought to hide. She begged and scraped enough money to buy a dilapidated water purifier, built herself some planters next to the broad, glassless windows, and collected rainwater and her own urine to pass through the purifier. She prefers not to discuss what she used for soil in the planters. She was occasionally harried by psychic phenomena, and fearing that she might be dangerous to others, tried to keep to herself. As a devotee of the Imperial Cult, however, she yearned to visit a shrine, and eventually made her way to the Shrine of San Marquand. While praying, her presence reacted to a place of such emotional significance, and the statue of San Marquand wailed as sibbilant voices filled the air. Terrified that San Marquand was judging her a traitor, she fled the scene. The priest, Brother Joras, witnessed the phenomena and had called the Magistratum. They attended the scene and attempted to apprehend Zelenko, who in her agitated state didn't realise she was subconsciously using her gift to escape: begging the officers to leave her alone and forget they ever saw her were surprisingly effective. She fled back to her hovel in Pillar 4 and feared she was losing her mind. A few days later, with the Magistratum having tipped off the Inquisition, Inquisitor Drake dispatched a team to apprehend her, just under six months after her disappearance.

The Scholastica Psykana

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Once in the scholam, Zelenko assumed she was being assessed for weakness, and that failure would mean death (or only marginally preferably, becoming an astropath). Glad to gain control over the strange phenomena she'd been experiencing, she was a quick study. Her instructors scared her, but she forced herself to ask questions and perfect her skill as quickly as possible, urged onward by the fear that she might be found wanting and sent away. She was so focussed on honing her abilities that she kept largely to herself; it was a very solitary few years, but she was sanctioned with unusual speed. When she did, she learned that Inquisitor Drake had asked her to join the Inquisition. Too afraid to say no, and unclear on what if any other options were open to her, she was brought to the Obelisk a few days after her sanctioning.

Early fieldwork: Samalut IX

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Being used to working with experienced, hardened operatives, Drake immediately involved Zelenko in his operations. Unfortunately for Zelenko, this meant tracking the Thousand Sons' activities in the Samalut system. Having never seen an astartes before, and having had no real idea that there was any such thing as a heretic astartes, the experience left Zelenko reeling. Drake realised he'd exposed her to far too much too soon. She was sent back to the Obelisk to recuperate and undergo psychiatric therapy so that her talents would not be lost to the Ordos. Zelenko took Drake's apologies to heart, but worried she was unsuited to her new job and would, upon going mad, be shipped off to Terra after all.

Meeting Inquisitor Michael and other agents

Whilst convalescing at the Obelisk, Zelenko attended a talk given by Inquisitor Michael to Max Drent on the broad sweep of Imperial history. It gave her some added context to the things she'd seen on Samalut, and allowed some of Drake's more niche lessons to fall into place. Crucially, she was also introduced to some of the agents working for the other Inquisitors, and little by little, started to realise there were people here that she could befriend, even if those people were entirely lacking the social sophistication she'd been surrounded with in her previous life. She began trying, with limited success, to pack away her snobbishness and embrace the far more direct people she was now surrounded with.

The increased social interaction opened up opportunities to distract herself from traumatic flashbacks with extended bouts of sparring. The Scholam had provided limited combat training, and she was keen to catch up with her lethal colleagues. The meditative simplicity of physical exertion became her solace, and slowly, she clawed her way back to some semblance of psychological fitness as a result. Eventually, Drake agreed she was ready to re-enter the field.


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