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Interactive map of the Eridani Sector.

This sub-sector of the Eridani Sector is not currently held by the Imperium at all. Indeed, the Neophrae are barely mentioned in historical records beyond ancient references in some Massylean systems' histories. These mention trade with a coreward region, but those references dry up by the start of M36. The only system named in these records is Neophron, thought to be the capital world of a non-Imperial human culture. Subsequent explorator fleets sent to the region found worlds with some archeological evidence of human life, and plenty of flora and fauna, but no sign of current habitation.

Given the potential opportunity for expansion, the governor of Saedra had a colony fleet assembled in mid-M40. The expedition, including three capital class colony ships and an escort of nine Navy frigates, departed in 579.M40 for Neophron.

The fleet never sent word of its arrival, and the escorts never returned. An explorator flotilla conducted a search of the system, and found the fleet drifting in the system's outer reaches. The ships bore damage on their flanks, and were without power. Their corridors showed signs of a fight, but no bodies were ever found. With other conflicts demanding resources, the incident was never investigated further, and the area declared unsuitable for further colonisation. Since then, two rogue trader vessels and three mining ships have tried their luck. The first two vessels found nothing of interest, but those that followed them never returned to port.

Several eccentric figures in the techpriesthood suggest that if the region was home to a pre-Imperial human culture, there is a significant chance of finding archeotech, and possibly even STC data. As yet, though, they lack the influence needed to mount an expedition.

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