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Serpens, G4 yellow dwarf in the Kapran sub of Achernar sector, trailing and slightly rimward of Koyrus, supports a planet herd of eight worlds. The system capital world and its seat of governance is Serpens III. It is a well-developed Gamma class world on its way to some little prominence.

Serpens System.jpg


  • Serpens I – uninhabitable.
  • Serpens II – violently inimical to life. Small Mechanicum research station, 2 moons.
  • Serpens III – civilised world, 4 moons.
  • Serpens IV – minor gas giant, eight moons.
  • Serpens V – minor gas giant, seventeen moons.
  • Serpens VI – gas giant, nineteen moons.
  • Serpens VII – gas giant, thirty seven moons.
  • Serpens VIII – minor gas giant, fifteen moons.

Serpens VI

Gas Mining.jpg

The wealth of Serpens is undoubtedly embodied in Serpens VI. This gas giant is composed of extremely high value hydrocarbons and other rare gases. Colonisation and exploitation has been undertaken on the Imperium’s behalf by Ortag Imperial mining and takes the form of platforms suspended in the atmosphere of the gas giant processing millions of litres of gas a day to extract the valuable components.

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