Takondwa Roche-Voclain

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Takondwa Roche-Voclain is a captain in Battlefleet Achernar who has spent most of her career on escort vessels. She was gazetted as the captain of the newly-commissioned cruiser Triumph, but felt she lacked sufficient experience on capital-class vessels to command a cruiser in battle so soon after it had completed its fleet trials, and asked the Intemperance's old executive officer Gereon Priscus to take her place in the captain's chair. In exchange, she served as the XO on the Intemperance even though she technically holds the rank of captain. She is a long-time friend of Priscus, and is a firm believer in the Imperial tenet that a good servant knows her place--something which often leads her to be overly modest and unambitious. She is, however, an extremely competent manager, keeping the Intemperance's crew organised and motivated.

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