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A lower-hive area around a support column, a hub for local businesses and entertainment venues, but also containing a fair amount of slum housing. The area also contains a number of soup kitchens and charitable organisations. Many of the main roads curve around the support column.




An epicentre of hardcore clubs in Helas Dome.


Tenebrae is known as having an unusually eclectic mix of music by local standards; most are musical monocultures. It has extremely low lighting levels and areas of near-anonymous darkness.

Originally used as a front for a Xenos backed slaving ring, it was shut down during the Inquisitorial mission Dancing with Drukhari. In the aftermath it has been claimed and re-opened. Working entirely through the data-sphere and go-betweens, none of the staff are aware of the identity of their mysterious new owner known to them simple as Zer0.

Since Zer0 took ownership the club has started leaning more towards a cyber/techno aesthetic. Whilst most nights are still eclectic, there are regular dedicated nights and the club has begun forging links with some of the more high-tech businesses in Junit Arc.


A goth club decorated with large metal spikes along walls and ceilings.


A somewhat slummy pound music venue.

Junit Arc

Junit Arc.jpg

Also known as Swag Street, Junit Arc is full of tattooists and vendors of lower-hive clothing and accessories plus other mods and prosthesis outlets. Most shops have heavy security and high price tags to keep riff-raff away, whilst also being lowhive enough to keep the toffs away.

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