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This page serves as a rough chronology for events that have happened in the Achenar and Eridani sectors. Events are presented in reverse order of occurrence (latest events at the top), allowing for slight calendrical mismatches. Primarily focused on the Inquisitors and Agents of the Obelisk it also contains other relevant political and military events in the sectors.

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  • What Lies Beneath The Inquisition investigate an outbreak of Plague Zombies on Ariscone
  • Baeten Witch Hunt Ash and Padraic track down a pair of rogue psykers on Baeten.
  • Amateur Ambush Nadiya and Sister Airi are attacked by chaos cultists from and unknown source.
  • Mandated Man-Date Ash persuades Michael to talk to Drake.
  • In Too Deep The Inquisition extract and Agent and uncover a heretical plot on Hasmides.
  • A Minor Heist The Inquisition steal an illegal Xenos artifact from a noble family on Cetus Minor.
  • Killer Carlin The Inquisition infiltrate a gladiator ring on Baeten.

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  • The Jormunga Cult A rescue mission headed by Drake soon becomes a purge after a nautical cult following a rogue psyker ruin a Sororitas convent.
  • The Rogue Scholar The Inquisition apprehend a powerful psyker.
  • Bad Pharma The Inquisition busts up some non-Imperial juvenat smuggling in the Sejanus underhive.
  • Battle of Jathis Deathwatch mission to defend a town on Samalut.
  • Scrapyard Scrap Siveter sends some agents to investigate cryptids on Cetus Minor.


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  • Hunting the Stormkommandoes Blood Angel and Raven Guard scouts drew out an Ork warboss so that Deathwatch Veterans Ganzorig and Kyaneus could assassinate him.
    • Drake and Vandemar remain away from the Obelisk handling the aftermath.
  • Arresting Inquisitor Gelineau Inquisitors Drake and Vandemar pursue and arrest Radical Inquisitor Leasah Gelineau, and destroy what remains of her master Lord Inquisitor Rigel Luque.
    • Vandemar and his warband arrive at the Obelisk.
  • Fact or Forfeit The Inquisition unwinds on a night out. It was relaxing. There was only one casualty.
  • Investigating the Abire Audacter Inquisitorial mission to investigate a ship that may have been illegally trading in the Halo Zone.
  • Drukhari In The Prospekts Deathwatch mission to eliminate Dark Eldar slavers on on Baeten, followed by Inquisitorial investigation.

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