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The Trojan

The Trojan is a refitted cobra-class destroyer currently in the service of the Imperial Inquisition.

Service History

The Trojan was built in the shipyards of Thracian Primaris, and completed its ship trials in 496.M40 before joining Battlefleet Scarus in 497.M40. It served as one of the many patrols around the Eye of Terror, and was almost destroyed during a skirmish with traitorous forces in 912.M40, whereupon the Navy, then desperate for the resources needed to refit several damaged battleships, sold the Trojan to Lord Voken Janacek, a wealthy Rogue Trader.

Janacek had the wounded destroyer refitted according to his own (somewhat bizarre) designs; wooden floorboards were fitted on the command deck and those parts of the ship intended to house officers and guests, brass-mounted glow globes replaced the standard military lighting, and six of the cabins were joined up to form a library. Not all the changes were cosmetic; a small launch bay big enough to house Janacek's collection of shuttles, landers and cutters was fitted on the port side, and much of the space given over to torpedo storage was replaced with cargo holds and fuel reserves to increase the ship's operational range.

In late 962.M41, for unknown reasons, Lord Korval Janacek was hunted down by Inquisitor Aerdon of the Ordo Malleus. The Trojan was boarded and captured by Aerdon's troops, and a number of Janacek's household were executed. Among the survivors was Lord Korval's daughter Ariel, then serving as the Trojan's chief gunnery officer. Aerdon offered her captaincy of the vessel on the understanding that he would henceforth be using it as a mobile base of operations.

Captain Ariel Janacek was, for reasons known only to her and Aerdon, extremely loyal to the Imperium at large, and the Inquisitor in particular. In the wake of Aerdon's death in 995.M41, Janacek approached Drake and asked that the ship remain in the service of the Inquisition rather than reverting to a civilian vessel, and the Trojan has since followed Drake's assignments all the way from the Eastern Fringe to the Segmentum Pacificus.

Equipment and personnel

Since becoming an Inquisition vessel, the Trojan's library has had heavy, ident-secured blast doors added to it. The flight deck is no longer populated with an assortment of pleasure craft, but an Atlas-class landing vessel, an unusual craft only just small enough to fit inside the destroyer’s cramped launch bay. Atlases are, in effect, a flying landing pad with space for up to four Valkyrie-sized atmospheric flyers clamped to its roof. The Atlas, with its heat-shields and void engines, will relay Valkyries from orbit into a planet’s atmosphere, at which point the fliers can take off and fly a team down to the surface. The Trojan currently only has two Valkyries at its disposal after the other two were lost in action during the Amarinthine Crusade.

Since Aerdon's inhabitance of the Trojan, the destroyer has employed a force of roughly fifty Stohlbard Dragoons as ship-board marines.

Owing to Aerdon's obsession with being adept in every form of combat possible, the armoury sports an extremely eclectic collection, most of which remains criminally unused by Inquisitor Drake, who - after settling on his preferred loadout, has little use for everything else on offer. On the upside, this makes it extremely easy to equip new agents to a high standard.

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