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Yasir Anwar is a captain and commodore (2nd class) in Battlefleet Achernar, and can be relied upon to take everything he does very, very seriously. Some have suggested he might even be allergic to fun. He abstains from all intoxicants, lest he be needed at short notice on the bridge, and has to be ordered to take time off. His obsessive work ethic does, however, make him an astonishingly effective officer when it comes to organising a crew and following orders. It's this attention to development of his crew that landed him his current captaincy: the highly-contested command throne of the fleet's flagship, the Dammerung. Commanding the fleet's flagship means he is given the honorary rank of commodore, with the further distinction of it being 2nd class so as to distinguish between that and a commodore who has been appointed to lead a flotilla.

Prior to the Dammerung, Anwar ably captained the Dominion for many years, and had started to grow frustrated at the limited opportunities for promotion. He regarded Laius Ortano with a certain amount of resentment and envy, as Ortano turned up in the sector and was lucky enough to be given the opportunities that led to his rapid promotion. This resentment has been mollified somewhat by Ortano and Tryphosa choosing him for the Dammerung. He'll be keen to fill Laius' shoes at the first opportunity, but fundamentally he's a better manager than a tactician, making him more useful at lower echelons of command.

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