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The Raven Guard are a Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.

There are various reported sightings of Raven Guard Astartes operating within the Achernar sector, at least one of which was proven to be false. Due to the secretive and often uncooperative nature of the Raven Guard, as well as their advanced stealth capabilities, the exact details are unknown. What is known is that the fifth company of the Raven Guard, or a significant portion thereof, are known to have been operating in the Achenar sector and were a key participant in the Samalut IX Campaign.


Primaris joining the Raven Guard

The Raven Guard have, historically, had difficulty with their geneseed and consequently have very slow recruitment rates. In the wake of a disastrous war with the T’au that had taken the life of the Chapter Master and left the chapter decemated, they were at a particular low. When Roboute Guilliman arrived during the Indomitus Crusade with his “Unnumbered Sons” and delivered fresh recruits and the technology to produce the more stable Primaris Marines, the response from the Raven Guard was cautious optimism. The new Shadow Master Kavaan Shrike in particular embraced the Primaris as the saviours of the Chapter.

Despite that, initial integration was difficult. The “Awoken” Primaris provided by Guilliman and Cawl were trained only in a single battlefield role and even after the combat experience and training from veterans they received in the Indomitus Crusade, had little focus upon the stealth and ambush tactics favoured by the Raven Guard. As such they initially filled out the Support Companies. As they have gained experience, and new Primaris Marines have been inducted with more traditional Raven Guard training, they have begun to populate the Battle Companies as well.

The MkX Phobos Armour is particularly favoured within the Raven Guard, over and above the Intercessor and Gravis patterns, and much of the production of Kiavar has been turned to producing more armour of this pattern from designs provided by Cawl. Nevertheless, the Raven guard have always been wont to modify standard Imperial designs, and have produced a helmet variant that incorporates the superior sensor suite found in MkVI Corvus pattern armour.

Raven Guard 5th Company 'The Watchful'

Raven Guard Fifth.jpg
The Raven Guard Fifth company, also known at The Watchful, is a Battle Company, however the Raven Guard do not strictly adhere to Codex Astartes disposition of their troops. Additionally at the time of the Samalut Campaign, the Fifth was still under strength. The Company relies heavily on it's Scouts, and fields enough aircraft and jump packs that the entire company is air-mobile.

Known Members during the Samalut Campaign

  • Shadow Captain Yiraka - Commander of the 5th, often seen leading the Vanguard Veterans 'The Unkindness'.
  • Lieutenant Nykona - Battle Lieutenant.
  • Lieutenant Colfaen - Intelligence and Strategy Lieutenant.
  • Chaplain Bran the Blessed - Spiritual Leader, often seen leading the Assualt Marines.
  • Librarian Nironen - Defeated the deamon known as Baraqiel on Samalut IX alongside Blood Angel Librarial Gabriel.
  • Veteran Sergeant Maun - Leader of the Sternguard Veterans, best soldiers in the 5th.
  • Sergeant Khira - Leader of the Scouts. Personally responsible for the rescue and return of Planetary Governor Suhaniya Singhe on Samalut IX.
  • Techmarine Jadyr
  • Apothecary Kolyk

Primaris in the 5th Company

The 5th company is ever observant and does not rush to action. In the wake of the Samalut IX campaign, the 5th Company returned to the Ravenspire for repairs, to inter their heroic dead, and to collect reinforcements. Many of those reinforcements came in the form of Primaris Marines, bringing the 5th company up to a full fighting strength of 100 full Astartes Battle Brothers, plus support staff, for the first time in living memory. Nevertheless Shadow Captain Yiraka was cautious of these new Primaris Marines and wished to see them performing on their own for a fully independent assessment, without the support of the more experienced Firstborn.

Primaris Librarian Aethon was selected to lead this Strike Force, however Firstborn Lieutenant Colfaen, who had followed Shadow Master Shrike’s example in crossing the Rubicon Primaris, joined them to assist and also observe. As the 5th Company returns to the Segmentum Pacificus, Strike Force Aethon will be one of several subformations operating independently, only coming back together when Shadow Captain Yiraka requires the full force of his Company in one place.

Strike Force Aethon

Strike Force Aethon has a fairly loose remit. As ever the Raven Guard deploy as and where they see fit, often preferring to go to the aid of the alone and the abandoned, rather than joining larger ongoing conflicts. One target Aethon has identified is the Pheraean Rift in the Eridani Sector, where increasing losses of smaller stations and colonies seems to have gone largely unaddressed by local Imperial commanders. Aethon is also keen to visit Samalut IX, if the tides of war allow, to see for himself the most recent major victory of the 5th and ensure the efforts of the Chapter are not being wasted by the current Imperial Guard forces who have taken over, as well as look into some of the information he learned from Librarian Nironen.

Key Members

Librarian Aethon.jpg

Librarian Aethon

Aethon has no memories from before he awoke in the bowels of the Zar-Quaesitor. He has theorised that either he has received a complete mind-wipe, perhaps related to his nature as a powerful psyker, or he was created artificially in a vat. He came into the galaxy with no name but the designation 07-395-2801, and no history but the genetic legacy of his gene-father Corax. Whilst he may not be a true son of Deliverance, the Raven Guard are his entire identity and he is determined to live up to their legacy.

From the moment of his emergence from stasis, the pressure has been on and expectations have been high. During his time amongst the Unnumbered Sons of the Indomitus Crusade, he often felt he was not up to standard, his psychic gifts being far more ephemeral and less overt than the battle psykers of other chapters. This drove him to work even harder to live up to what he felt was expected of him and prove his worth. When he finally joined the Raven Guard, who appreciated his more subtle gifts, he found acceptance at last. They, in turn, received a Librarian that had driven himself to achieve far more than they would have expected in such a short time.

Adapting to the Raven Guard methods of warfare was like a homecoming for Aethon, and it was not long before he rose to the rank of Codicier. When Shadow Captain Yiraka drew up his plans for integrating the Primaris into the 5th he personally petitioned Shadow Master Shrike for Aethon to be assigned to his Company. Aethon was granted command of several dozen of his Primaris Brothers and dispatched to lead an independent Strike Force and prove the value of the Primaris Marines to the 5th Company.

Lieutenant Colfaen.jpg

Lieutenant Colfaen

Colfaen was promoted to Lieutenant from being the Sergeant of a Devastator squad, intended as a more calm and strategic counterbalance to Lieutenant Nykona’s aggression. During the Samalut campaign he spent much of his time aboard the Strike Cruiser Sable Sword organising logistics, redeployments and reserve forces. His work was vital to the cause and helped secure the ultimate victory, but he did not personally see combat during the entire campaign. He has also acted as spymaster for the 5th, although in this role he has occasionally been more hands-on.

When the 5th Company returned to Deliverance for resupply and repairs, they learned that they would be receiving Primaris reinforcements, and that Shadow Master Shrike had undergone the procedure to cross the Rubicon Primaris. Colfaen, concerned that he was becoming more of an administrator than a warrior, volunteered to undergo the procedure himself. Nykona also volunteered, however Shadow Captain Yiraka was not unaware of what he had asked of Colfaen during the Samalut campaign, and chose Colfaen to be the only member of the 5th Company command staff to undergo the risky procedure.

Colfaen has been assigned to Strike Force Aethon as the sole Firstborn veteran of a force entirely composed of Primaris Marines that were either awoken from Cawl’s vaults or recently inducted since the Indomitus crusade. Librarian Aethon leads the force, and Colfaen is present acting as both adviser and observer. This role frees him of the strategic command responsibilities he bore during the Samalut campaign and he is better able to engage in combat directly.

Squad Kasz.jpg

Squad Kasz - Infiltrators

Sergeant Kasz is a competent Sergeant and has adapted well to the Raven Guard manner of warfare, but privately he struggles with his hypno-indoctrinated Intercessor training conflicting with his later learned infiltration skills. On one occasion this nearly cost him his life, but he keeps a tight grip upon it. It has left him a careful and conservative leader.

Currently lacking an Apothecary, Helix Adept Orevis acts as the medic for the entire Strike Force. He is on the path to becoming a fully fledged Apothecary in his own right.


Squad Ordaris - Infiltrators

Sergeant Odaris is particularly adept in stealth and infiltration, and his unit is normally the first picked for scouting and flanking assignments. He was born in Kiavahr not long after the Great Scouring and volunteered for service with the XIXth Legion, however Cawl’s minions whisked him away for the Primaris project. His joining the Raven Guard chapter is the fulfillment of his destiny ten thousand years delayed.

Brother Shykos is the lead signals operator for the squad. Due to his squad often being deployed away from the rest of the Strike Force he is particularly experienced. When not deployed with his squad he tends to act as lead signalman for the entire Strike Force. The Techmarines of the chapter have their eyes on him for his technical prowess, however Lieutenant Colfaen is also considering him for a command promotion.

Squad Phryn.jpg

Squad Phryn - Intercessors

Squad Phyrn is one of the first squads of Indoctrinated to make it into the battle companies of the Raven Guard. As newly created Primaris Marines they are distinct from the Firstborn, but neither do they share the camaraderie and history of the Awoken, who rose from Cawl’s cryo chambers and fought together in the Indomitus Crusade as Unumbered Sons before joining the Raven Guard. Squad Phyrn are different from all their brothers in the 5th, and the least experienced, but they are determined to prove themselves and earn their place.

Squad Strekys.jpg

Squad Strekys - Reivers

Sergeant Strekys took well to his Reiver training, and performed admirably in the role during the Indomitus crusade. When the Unnumbered Sons were united with the Raven Guard there was friction between the Chapter and the Reiver squads. One of Corax’s first acts as Primarch was to turn his legion away from the terror tactics Horus has been using them for. In time the Reivers adapted to the ways of their chapter, however Sergeant Strekys still sometimes skirts close to the line, and he believed that this is why Lieutenant Colfaen often deploys alongside his squad; something he chafes at.

Squad Drysk.jpg

Squad Drysk - Supressors

Sergeant Drysk is the antithesis of Sergeant Strekys. Starting out as a Reiver drop trooper he took well to the change to Raven Guard tactics. A smart tactical thinker, he is often trusted to drop into a battle as and when he deems it right, and do whatever is necessary to secure victory. This was soon recognised when he was awarded Terminator Honours in the battle of First Contact on Xise Yuan.

Squad Saserys.jpg

Squad Saserys - Eliminators

No Raven Guard can reach the rank of sergeant without strong skills in both stealth and patience, and Saserys is definitely excellent in these areas, but his outstanding talent as an Eliminator is his ability to predict the movements of the enemy.

Squad Kraephen.jpg

Squad Kraephen - Eradicators

Whilst he is as versatile as any initiate of the Raven Guard, Kraephen’s defining traits are patience and stubbornness. As such he is well suited to his role leading the Eradicators. Wearing Gravis armour and carrying heavy weaponry, Squad Kraephen is often found in an ambushing force, a brutal surprise waiting for whatever prey their more mobile Brothers to lure into their sights.

Squad Tyrvus.jpg

Squad Tyrvus - Eradicators

The first reinforcements to reach Task Force Aethon, Squad Tyrvus comes from the 9th Company fire support reserves. Unlike the majority of Task Force Aethon, they are newly created Primaris Marines on Deliverance, not veterans of the Indomitus Crusade. As yet they are considered rather untested, but their firepower will be appreciated.

Raven Guard Actions in Achernar

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