Boros' Folly

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Boros' Folly

Boros' Folly is a system in the navigational anomaly known as the Vascoda Confluence in the Achernar Sector.


Angevin Boros (610.M41-783.M41) was a supremely wealthy entrepreneur who realised that if someone could chart a stable warp route through the Confluence, it would shave weeks off shipping time. As a means of generating income, he hired astronomers who spent years using powerful telescopes to find a world within the Confluence that might serve as a colony, the intention being that ships following Boros' warp route would be forced to travel through the system, where Boros would then be able to extract a toll.

Aided by one of the greatest navigators of the age, the Needle was first charted in 773.M41. The world he dubbed Nova Mammon, and while it was lifeless, it enjoyed a comfortable 1G and a breathable atmosphere. Biomes were built, and a small self-sufficient colony named Primum Multarum was founded to provide servicing and security for passing ships. Beacons were placed along the warp route, and Boros toured the sector promoting its use to reduce travel times between the worlds of the Handrothian Cluster and the Cetus Sub-sector. In his desperation to make a success of it, he underplayed the hazards of such a tightly-wound warp route, and after several early adopters were lost to the warp, most other traders got cold feet. As toll profits failed to recouperate Boros' investment, he fell into debt, and was unable to maintain the standing defence force in the toll system, opening the way for pirates to pick off the bulk traders still using the route. With his portfolio in ruins, Angevin Boros retreated to his biome-estate outside Primum Multarum and hung himself in 783.M41. Legend has it that his ghost walks the city, appearing as a man in fine clothing imploring the well-to-do for loans.

Nowadays, both the Needle and Boros' Folly are risky propositions travelled only by the desperate or the supremely gifted. Certain luxury foodstuffs deteriorate quickly in storage, and much money can be made by those willing to thread the needle from the agri-worlds of Samalut and Ankrah and sell their wares to the wealthiest inhabitants of the Cetan sub.

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