Vascoda Confluence

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Interactive map of the Achernar Sector.

In realspace, the Vascoda Confluence is a perfectly normal area of space sitting between the Cetus and Handroth sub-sectors in the Achernar Sector. In the warp, however, it is a near-impenetrable wall of roiling energy behaving much like two large bodies of water crashing into each other. Finding one's own way through the Confluence is almost impossible, with the only practicable way through it being the Needle, a route which forces ships to endure a brief realspace run through Boros' Folly and risk wolf packs of pirates.

Most bulk traders trying to move materiel from the Handrothian Cluster to the Cetan sub consider it prudent to simply take the long way round the Confluence by heading all the way to the Kaprun system, then heading rimward from there, adding weeks to their journey but enjoying relative safety. It is unknown if there are any habitable planets other than Boros' Folly in the Confluence, since Imperial warp drives cannot reach the stars that lie within its boundaries.

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